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  1. Re: Should Jessie,James and Meowth be taking out of the Anime?

    They should be taken out of the anime and they could be leaving by the end of BW.
  2. Re: What level of emotion should there be when Iris and Cilan depart from Ash?

    We'll probably have some emotional level when they leave, but I doubt there will be anything really depressing
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    Re: Best Wishes Season 2 Da! Opening and Ending

    Just because all the main characters appeared in the ending doesn't mean they'll ever appear again, the ending was clearly non-canon
  4. Re: Is there any battles you wish had been done

    There should have been a tournament of some sorts during one of Misty's cameos, then maybe we could have seen Misty battle and lose to May
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    Re: Do you think Ash/Satoshi should be replaced?

    Yeah, his character is boring and pointless now with his regression in the Unova League and he can't move forward in character development anymore
  6. Re: What did you think of Paul/Shinji's role on the show and should he appear again?

    I think he was the best rival of the series and actually pushed Ash's character to its limit. I don't think he'll appear again though
  7. Re: Did you think Virgil was an interesting character?

    No, I found him to be bland and plus I don't think he should have won the Unova League with a team full of Eeveelutions
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    Poll: Re: Which is better: DP or BW?

    DP, BW has too many flaws. The only flaw about DP was that the DP trio's chemistry was horribly stale and boring
  9. PREVIEW: Re: BW??? - Butterfree

    We won't be seeing Misty return in Best Wishes. Come to think about it, I don't even think we'll be seeing Ash's butterfree in this episode either, it's probably just a wild Butterfree and Ash is...
  10. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Strongest battler of Ash's friends? Cilan Vs. May Vs. Brock Vs. Misty Vs. Iris, e

    May is the strongest battler out of Ash's friends. Brock, Tracy, and Misty are probably the weakest
  11. Re: If you could have a conversation with Ash what would you talk about?

    Why he's regressing and always losing every league he participates in
  12. Re: Speculation: What do you think will happen after DA?

    Iris and Cilan will definitely be leaving after BW ends. I doubt any older characters like Misty will appear or return either
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    PREVIEW: Re: M16 "ExtremeSpeed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens"

    I wonder if this Mewtwo is a different Mewtwo from the one from the 1st movie
  14. Re: Which one of ash's rivals was the best and why?

    Paul becuase he actually pushed Ash's character to its limits. Trip has handled too horribly and was a pointless rival and Gary appeared too little and had disappointing character development by the...
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    Poll: CONTEST: Re: Favourite Series So Far?

    Either Ag or DP, however the DP trio's chemistry was a little disappointing
  16. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Who's return did you like best: Misty's, May's, or Dawn's?

    Hardly anything happened in Dawn's cameo. All she got was 1 evolution and nothing else. She didn't even tell us how many ribbons she earned in Hoenn and didn't even get a change in her attire
  17. Poll: Re: As fans, which is more irritating, overexposed or shafted characters?

    Overexposed characters are more annoying, because it feels like they are taking screentime away from others. I guess it's a good thing Misty wasn't overexposed, but she could have used a little more...
  18. Re: Did you like Piplup/Pochama's character in Diamond and Pearl?

    No, it got tiring and I don't like Pokemon getting forced down my throat all the time.
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    Re: To what degree was Johto flawed?

    Johto has lots of flaws. The handling of Ash's team, the way Misty and Brock were treated, and all the fillers that Johto had were some of the flaws that I can think of. The battles were better...
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    Re: Do you like Cilan/Dent's role in BW?

    No, he is starting to feel like a 2nd Brock to me
  21. Re: Is there any battles you wish had been done

    I would have liked to see Charizard vs Reshiram and Misty vs Dawn
  22. Re: Speculation: What do you think will happen after DA?

    Possibly a few Pallet town episodes and maybe a Team Rocket finale before they get written off the show. No older characters like Misty will appear though
  23. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Who's return did you like best: Misty's, May's, or Dawn's?

    May's was probably the best of the three, Dawn just stood in the background most of the time in hers and there weren't any tournaments for Misty to participate in
  24. Poll: Re: What is your biggest complaint about the Pokemon series?

    Ash not winning a league is definitely 1 of my biggest complaints about the anime. With the regression of Ash in the Unova league, it makes his story feel pretty much like a pointless, endless loop.
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    Re: Did you like Misty/Kasumi's role on the show?

    Her role in Kanto and the OI was fine, but she was handled horribly in Johto. She pretty much stayed in the background doing very little
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