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    Re: pokemon oras and open world

    Open-world would be too much of a departure from the normal formula, so there's no way GF'll make one as part of the core series. If something like this were to happen, it would most likely be a Wii...
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    Re: Who here likes Unown?

    I only liked their anime appearances, where swarms of 'em could get together and mess up stuff. Otherwise, I couldn't care less about them. They're alphabet soup come to life with weak power. Also,...
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    Re: Rate the last game you played

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix- 7.8/10 too much awesome 9.5/10

    I believe this particular game is the epitome of everything that makes this series great. Most, if not all of the bosses were tough...
  4. Re: Sony film "The Interview" canceled due to North Korean threats

    North Korea got its systems back online today. The U.S. refuses to say whether or not they had anything to do with it.
  5. Re: If you were a Pokemon, which one would it be?

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    Re: What video games are you playing now?

    Been playing KH II for a while, and I'm right before the final boss fight bonanza. There are a lot bosses, all in one go...
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    Poll: Re: Which Starters are Canon (Hoenn)

    Well, since there's a multiverse, you could say that any combo is canon...

    May gets a Torchic, Brendan gets a Mudkip, and Treecko is left to an ambiguous fate.
  8. Thread: Lati@s?

    by BlackOsprey

    Poll: Re: Lati@s?

    Sheesh, no love for the Eon duo. I've used Latios from the Eon Ticket event on my main team. Out of all the non-banned legends, these two are some of my favorites to use. Also, I love the Eon Flute...
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    Re: Best/Worst Pokémon moments of 2014?

    Best: Learning that ORAS was confirmed... and the subsequent celebration from a couple Pokemon fans at school. Also, every time I ran into a shout-out to the past while playing Alpha Sapphire.
  10. Re: It's been over a year. What is your opinion on the Fairy Type now?

    It's mostly neutral. Most Fairies (or the ones converted into fairy) weren't Pokemon I particularly cared for, and I still don't, but I have a grudging respect for a few of em now. Azumarill and...
  11. Re: Sony film "The Interview" canceled due to North Korean threats

    I recall seeing a small bit from the movie where the helicopter KJU was on got hit by a missile. It was a long, slow-motion shot of him getting incinerated in the blast.
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    Re: What ORAS could have been...

    I'd just make Brick Break the new Rock Smash (good power, same field effects) and give a subtle explanation on why Zinnia has that feral look during battle. Other than that, it's great the way it is.
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    Re: Why do you like Pokémon so much?

    It's simple but complex at the same time, and it's been my go-to series for more than half my life. Also, it's helped me get to know others, acting as an exciting (albeit slightly geeky) common...
  14. Re: Sony film "The Interview" canceled due to North Korean threats

    Oh, yay. Now we're letting other countries tell us what we can and cannot watch? Submitting to terrorists? Lovely.
  15. Re: Anyone still have their HGSS Pokewalker around?

    I lost mine years ago. Don't even remember where.
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    Re: Usage of 5 PP Moves in-game

    Most of the time, I stick to low-power variants like Flamethrower or Ice Beam instead of their 5-PP versions. Not only do they often have twice or three times the PP, but they also tend to have good...
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    Re: Did ORAS do Wally justice?

    He was given focus and an ante-battle 3D model, something that's given only to a select few, along with a pretty nice final fight with his Megallade (even if the Mega Stone kinda came out of...
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    Re: The Minor Complaint Thread

    So much hax... in most other games, anything above 90% accuracy was VERY HARD to miss, but somehow, these 90% accuracy moves have managed to miss targets up to three times in a row. C'mon, seriously?!
  19. Poll: Re: least favorite crime syndicate in the main canon?

    Neo Plasma. After their original incarnations, they felt like pirate-themed Team Rocket expies. Well, that flying ship of theirs was interesting... ludicrous, but interesting...
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    Poll: Re: Nintendo vs. Xbox vs. Sony

    Eh, I can't say I care that much. I have a PS3 and a 3DS and I enjoy using them both. Of course, as far as handhelds go, Nintendo is probably the best, since they have a very extensive library of...
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    Re: Lucario vs Metagross

    As far as metagame goes, yeah, Metagross is superior. I guess it has enough firepower and defense to wall Lucario's attacks while Earthquaking it to death. However, I like Lucario a little more...
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    Re: Video Game Quotes

    "WHAAAAAT?!!" -Sora & co., Kingdom Hearts II.

    It's like the developers saw how convoluted the story had become and just reveled in it with this line.
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    Re: What are your game headcanons?

    Gen I and II are part of a drastically alternate universe. Rather than having more minor differences, such as details or chain of events, the universe itself is very different; Pokemon's diversity...
  24. SPOILERS: Re: there anyone who DIDN'T like Zinnia?

    I don't hate her, but like the rest of y'all, it seems like my opinion is a bit mixed. Her appearance is one of the best I've ever seen for a human in Pokemon, hands-down, and her backstory is...
  25. Re: Who else here is sick of all the unreasonable requests that flood the GTS?

    Ha, it's no question that people aren't happy with the stupid GTS requests. Your solution to the problem's already been done, however... I think it has something to do with all the shiny Jirachi...
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