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    Sticky: REVIEW: Re: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

    Couldn't watch the movie :/ Can someone say how long was it. Was it like the BW movies or they actually made a 80-90 min movie.
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    Sticky: Re: Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    The image doesn't look fake :) which is nice. I was not expecting Fennekin to evolve. Treecko is probably going to Serena (May - Squirtle, Bulbasaur; Dawn - Cyndaquil). I was expecting her to get a...
  3. REVIEW: Re: XY046: "The Clumsy Pukurin VS the Rampaging Bohmander!!"

    Is hating TR for every single appearance a trend now?!?!

    This was one of the episodes in which TR caused the problem! And without the rampaging Salamance, Pukurin wouldn't have had the...
  4. REVIEW: Re: XY045: "Citron VS Eureka!? A Sibling Battle for Nyaonix!!"

    I was really excited for this episode, because of Meowstic, but it wasn't a really nice episode, kinda boring... :/ I need to watch the dubbed version to enjoy this episode.

    The best thing was the...
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    Re: This or That! (Pokemon)


    Better a Pokeball Pokemon than a Pokeball Pokeball :D

    Yanmega or Dustox (Jessie's)
  6. PREVIEW: Re: XY050: Dance, Pancham — Captivate, Fennekin! The Dance for Tomorrow!!

    So, Serena is getting another episode focusing on her after catching Pancham..That's awesome!

    It's nice that she has decided to compete for the Kalos Queen Crown and will train! Pancham looks...
  7. PREVIEW: Re: XY045 - Clemont VS Bonnie!? A Sibling Battle With Meowstic!!

    Nope. Nothing is sure, we don't know even what the title is supposed to mean.

    Either way, if there are two Meowstic, I doubt there will be a capture.[/QUOTE]

    Yeah, I don't even think that a...
  8. PREVIEW: Re: XY045 - Clemont VS Bonnie!? A Sibling Battle With Meowstic!!

    Are we sure that Meowstic is/are joining the cast?
  9. Re: Official "Pokémon the Series: XY" Dub Title Announcement Thread

    Yup, me too :/

    They're not even trying anymore.
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    Re: Serena and contests

    They will probably show a Hoenn Fair where Serena gets a Hoenn starter (May got Squirtle and Bulbasaur for FRLG, Dawn got Cyndaquil for HGSS).
    I'm not expecting May to appear since Iris is the one...
  11. Re: How would you feel about a "playable" male travelling companion?

    I wouldn't mind them adding a male protagonist as a main character. In XY we have Clemont, who is probably younger than Brock and Cilan, which means that the third member can be around Ash's age.
  12. Re: The First Starter You've Picked For Each Generation?

    GEN 1 - Bulbasaur
    GEN 2 - Cyndaquil
    GEN 3 - Torchic
    GEN 4 - Piplup
    GEN 5 - Snivy
    GEN 6 - Fennekin
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    Re: Saddest goodbye in the anime?

    Team Rocket releasing their Arbok, Weezing, Chimecho, Dustox and Cacnea with Dustox's being the most emotional release.
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    FUN AND GAMES: Re: XY: Your own ideas for episodes

    Dawn coming to Kalos with a mega stone for Lopunny. Then her Buneary evolves into Lopunny and she Mega evolves it. After that she battles Ash and wins (ends with a tie).
  15. REVIEW: Re: XY036: "A Sky Battle!? Luchabull VS Fiarrow!!"

    A really interesting episode. The Sky Battles were introduced in the best way possible.

    We also got a lot of interactions, which is nice. Hawlucha being introduced to the others and Fletchling...
  16. REVIEW: Re: XY035: "Champion of the Forest! Luchabull Appears!!"

    If you mean besides one of the main characters being completely useless, it really hasn't.

    Anyway, glad to have a confirmation of Hawlucha's capture. It is clearly one of the most interesting...
  17. REVIEW: Re: XY035: "Champion of the Forest! Luchabull Appears!!"

    XY hasn't disappointed so far, has it!

    The background music in this episode was awesome. I think we got some new music, Lysandre's theme a theme from a Kalos road and many other that fit the...
  18. Sticky: Re: Pokémon X/Y Friend Safari/Code Sharing Thread **READ THE OP**

    I just added you, can you add me, please. FC is 2122-7717-7742

    PS: Can someone tell me the type of my Safari?
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    REVIEW: Re: XY029: "Ta-da! Fake Satoshi Appears!!"

    IMO this was the funniest TR episode of XY and I totally agree that Inkachu looked really weird. Meowth was hilarious as always with the Dedenne puppet. Serena reacting to JessieSerena was also a...
  20. REVIEW: Re: S17 ep05 "A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!"

    A really nice episode, the battle was good although Ash lost. Poor Serena, I don't think Ash remembers her.
    Also, Wigglytuff is getting scarier and scarier :O that cry and the eyes pierce into my...
  21. Re: What pokemon move comes to mind for the user above?

  22. PREVIEW: Re: XY - ??? - Pancham

    Maybe James catches Pancham, it evolves (since Inkay is part dark) and then runs away.
  23. PREVIEW: Re: XY - ??? - The Mysterious Rain Shelter! Nyasper Saw it!

    I hope Serena catches it. Serena has Espurr/Meowstic in her team in the games.
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    Re: What type would the user above be?

  25. Re: Get through A to Z without having the staff resetting to A Version 3.0

    Call the cops the criminal is here!
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