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    Re: Awkward X and Y moments

    Yesterday I saw someone on a blog I follow announce that she was giving out some Goronya/Golem (well, technically Goron/Graveler). So, I reblogged it saying I'd like one. A few hours, we exchanged...
  2. Re: Should there be a Pokemon live action movie?

    Let me just ask, if the Pokémon themselves are still going to be traditionally animated/cel-shaded, what's the point of making it a live-action movie? Look, it worked in Who Framed Roger Rabbit...
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    Re: Favorite Card

    I'm not sure if I have one favorite card out of my collection, as I have a lot. But ever since I got my full art Meloetta EX card a few weeks ago, I've fallen in love with it. It's a beautiful card,...
  4. Re: Should there be a Pokemon live action movie?

    I'd really only be interested if it were a Japanese live-action movie, seeing as it'd be more likely to have the creators have some control over it. Plus, not all live-action movies based on video...
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    Re: Have you ever quit Pokemon?

    I wouldn't say I ever "quit", however a lot of times when I get into a new fandom, said new fandom will take over my free time and will distract me from the others. That's what happened when I got...
  6. Re: Pokémon you like but everyone else hate?

    Honestly, I love all Pokemon, so all of them really. I see quite a lot of hate for Maggyo, but I love it... for some reason. It's a pretty derpy looking Pokemon, and yes, it looks like it was ran...
  7. Poll: Re: A guy asks you to kick him in the nuts, do you?

    Probably not. I wouldn't ever harm a person unless I have a huge hatred for them...
  8. Re: Words and phrases that leave a bad taste your mind

    The phrase "everything happens for a reason" has always rubbed me the wrong way. I fail to see how horrible things like rape, starvation, bigotry, bullying, etc. happen for a so-called "reason".

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    Poll: Re: Who is your favorite Pokemon?

    I have finally decided. My favorite Pokemon is officially Sonansu. It's just.... perfect.
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    Re: Favourite Pokémon Song?!

    - ひゃくごじゅういち (Hyakugojuuichi) by Okido and Pokemon Kids
    -ポケモン言えるかな?(Pokemon Ierukana?) by Suzukisan
    -ぐにゃぐにゃガスガス (GUNYA-GUNYA GAS GAS) by Suzukisan
    -ロケット団よ永遠に (Roketto Dan yo Eien ni) by Musashi,...
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    Poll: Re: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    They always put the title of Princess in front of the Princesses' names. They always do it with Celestia, Luna, and Cadance too.
  12. Re: You Know You're a Big Pokémon Fan When...

    When you have about 50 Pokemon plushies.... ans still feel that's no where near enough (So, so guilty of this)
    When you've been listening to way too much Japanese Pokemon music lately (seriously, on...
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    Re: Long Time No Art

    Whoa, these are awesome! I love the way you shade, and the coloring style in general.
  14. Re: The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol 4

    I can't wait until we start seeing G6 plushes in stores. I want more Pokemon plushes for my collection, even though I don't have much room for more. :|
  15. Re: The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol 4

    Hey everyone!
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    Poll: Re: Dog vs Cat

    Both. I kinda prefer cats, mostly because they're a lot quieter than dogs. I may as well take the time just just talk about both my dog and my cat.

    My dog Misty (named that because of her small...
  17. Re: What other website(s) are you on right now? Vol. 2

    Equestria Forums & ThatGuyWithTheGlasses
  18. Re: PETA Releases "Pokémon: Red, White, and Blue" Parody Game

    The fact that people are playing this is sad, as all it's doing is benefiting PETA. I'm not even going to click that link because I know it will give them money, which those assholes do not deserve....
  19. Poll: CONTEST: Re: What's your favorite Opening? (Japanese)

    While I love them all to death, I must say my favorite is High Touch. Rica Matsumoto and Megumi Toyoguchi sound so great in it.
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    Poll: Re: Who is your favorite Pokemon?

    As I stated on my profile, while I do not have one favorite, my favorites include Magikarp, Arceus, Mew, Stunfisk, Unown, Mudkip, Shaymin, Victini, Litwik, Spritzee, and Swirlix.

    Honestly, if they...
  21. Re: What ridiculously common thing can't you do.

    Also I forgot to mention that I am incapable of doing a push-up. I have never done one successfully in my life.
  22. Re: What book are you in the middle of right now?

    The Lord of the Rings. I'm near the beginning of The Two Towers. I've been reading it since spring, which just goes to prove how slow of a reader I am. I hardly read it at all over the summer. :|
  23. Re: The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol 4

    Good morning, everyone.
  24. Re: The Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread Vol 4

    Just finished watching episodes 1 & 2 of XY. I have decided that Eureka is adorable. Anyway, it's almost 10pm, I need sleep. Goodnight, everybody, I'll be more active tomorrow due to the weekend!

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    Re: How Do YOU Pronounce "Pokemon"?

    The way it's supposed to be pronounced. Basically I just read the letters, as with every Japanese word. ポケモン. Po-ke-mo-n.

    The most common mistake I see with people pronouncing it is that they get...
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