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  1. Re: What characters would you like to see in Pokkén?

    Shiny Ditto for clone matches.

    Well then. I still REALLY would've liked to see my top picks though. Meloetta would've been too much, but Hawlucha and Mienshao deserve to be in the game.

  2. Re: What characters would you like to see in Pokkén?

    Okay, not a fighting type, but I just heard someone suggest Farfetch'd referencing Yoshimitsu.

    Not necessarialy a joke character, but still funny. I could see Farfetch'd doing the unusual crazy...
  3. Re: NicoNico stream announces Pokkén Tournament: Tekken crossover to be released in 2

    Alternate names: Marvel Scale vs Cascoon, Master Route Fighter IV Turbo, Soul Honedge, Melty Magcargo, PiPi's Bizarre Adventure, Duskullgirls, Hou-Hou Hisoutensoku

    But yeah, this is a game based...
  4. Re: NicoNico stream announces Pokkén Tournament: Tekken crossover to be released in 2

    Wait, they're asking for character suggestions?

    That's odd, you'd think most of the game would be ready if they're aiming for a next year release.

    Seems like it's going to be an smaller project...
  5. Re: What characters would you like to see in Pokkén?

    Pikachu Libre
    Considering all (fully evolved) fighting pokémon add up to only 30, I'd think a good part of them could be in.

    Hawlucha could have a very interesting playstile, considering its bird...
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    Re: Contests coming back!

    This was the most annoying part of the contests. A single wrong pokéblock and your pokémon was RUINED FOREVER. I'd gladly want to see the restriction gone and fix condition mistakes.

    ... However,...
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    Poll: Re: Mega Venusaur vs Mega Sceptile

    I wanted Mega Meganium to be the Grass/Dragon (Being a dinosaur + dragon types are supposed to be royaly fabulous Sceptile is a pleb)

    But it's still a Grass/Dragon, so
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    Re: Returning Characters?

    Characters appearing in ORAS is different than cameos in other games, since we're retroactively referencing them. This not only means you can't just place anyone, but since their story has not been...
  9. Re: Aqua and Magma's goals and their redesign

    Well, the way I mean it is not it getting a separate story on the side, but it being on the sidelines at first and then expanding the main game story into the postgame.

    I was thinking something...
  10. Poll: Re: Megas Battle: Sceptile vs. Blaziken vs. Swampert

    In part, I hope Mega Sceptile gets an stats boost to offset its awful ability, but then I remember GameFreak hates Grass types.

    Seriously though, it gains a 4x weakness and esentially loses its...
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    Re: Do you guys think we'll get new Ken Sugimori art for the 135 Hoenn Pokémon and et

    My guess is that they'll give new artwork only for things that will stand out.

    This at least explains why normal Groudon/Kyogre don't have it, since the spotlight is on their new forms, while the...
  12. Re: Aqua and Magma's goals and their redesign

    But why should Rayquaza be catchable prior to the Elite Four instead of the mascot? It is not as if Reshiram/Zekrom was catchable in the B2W2 climax.

    I can Rayquaza getting involved in the climax,...
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    Re: Ancient Devolution?

    Many pokémon have been told to have been much more powerful in the past. Golurk's inmense power had to be sealed, so it returning to how it was before that, be it directly in the past or just...
  14. SPECULATION: Re: "Not a remake of emerald" What will and will not be in ORAS

    Honestly though, the original Rayquaza scene was a very important point of the games in general.
    The entire games were so heavily based on a confrontation while foreshadowing Rayquaza keeping a...
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    Re: Character customizations?

    One of the screenshots seems to show npc May without a hat. (Or does it? The... bandana ribbon thing maybe actually is just at the front)

    Following suit on XY screenshots, I'm guessing this would...
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    Re: Ancient Devolution?

    Returning to how they were in ancient times, huh?

    Ancient Magikarp confirmed.

    Seriously though, it seems like a rebranded Mega Evolution just for them that makes them similar to Giratina Origin...
  17. Poll: Re: The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    Rather than Butterfree, I'd want them to give SOMETHING to Beedrill for once. Poor thing always got the short end.

    But I really doubt any of the early bugs will get anything, since their point is...
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    SPECULATION: Re: Things You Don't Want To See In ORAS

    Solution to the Feebas tiles problem:

    The Feebas you fish from those tiles is holding Miloticite.
    (Or the Miloticite is found within those tiles in some other fashion, to avoid repeats I guess....
  19. Poll: Re: The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    I don't think there'll even be any Mega Evolutions here beyond very particular cases (i.e. Groudon+Kyogre, Starters... if even that). They seem to me something that'll be added in bulk with...
  20. Re: First footage of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire shown: Pokémon GetTV and Youtube c

    I think it's more notable that in Pokémon GetTV right after showing this, they compared them to the boxart and suggested they'd be Mega Evolutions though.

    I keep hearing that we didn't get...
  21. Sticky: Re: Pokemon Get TV Thread (MOD EDIT: READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING)

    They literally put them next to each other and suggested they could be Mega Evolutions.
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    Re: Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    One thing I really would want to see too... Is to have them expand on whatever scrapped plot they actually had for the Latis.

    There WAS at some point a plot, there's even this message on the...
  23. Poll: SPECULATION: Re: Who Will Be The Champion; Steven or Wallace?

    Most likely, it'll be Steven, since these are remakes of Ruby and Sapphire.

    But I'd really hope for Wally. I think he should've been the champion in the first place (or at least Emerald) instead...
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    Re: OR/AS Bold Predictions

    - They remove pokémon-amie.
    - There will be exciting new unique forms for pokémon, like Spiky-eared Plusle. It will not be tradeable.
    - There will be some trainer customization, but you won't be...
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    Re: Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    There's one that seems a very appropiate choice on one hand, but really odd that they would go with it on these games instead of XY:


    It's unreleased in its "home" games and definitely...
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