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    Sticky: BULBAPEDIA: Re: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Template:G6event hasn't been changed to allow artwork like similar templates related to Gen VI's Pokémon. I feel like the artwork would be a better alternative to uniform question marks for all Kalos...
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    Sticky: BULBAPEDIA: Re: Edit Request(s)

    Template:Sup/6 needs to be updated to include links for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
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    Sticky: ARCHIVES: Re: About The M-Lucario and M-Aggron Menu Sprites...

    BlackButterfree While we appreciate the sentiment, we have been trying extra hard to avoid taking sprite rips from other fansites, which is why the upload of new Menu sprites have been so staggered....
  4. Re: SPOILERS: New opening and ending: "Mega V (Mega Volt)" and "Peace Smile"

    The visuals of the new OP are nice, but I'm not a fan of the remix itself.

    I wonder if it will change after Korrina leaves?
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    Re: Which Pokemon will be in your team?

    - Sceptile
    - Sharpedo
    - Medicham
    - Dusknoir, failing that, Evolite Dusclops
    - Altaria
    - Open slot. Maybe something crazy like Light Ball Pikachu.

    By no means final, of course.
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    Re: Hoenn Remake Wishlist

    - Bring back Easy/Challenge mode from BW2, make it available at the start.
    - Bring back contests with their original mechanics; Super Contests were annoying, and nerfing contest combos made them...
  7. REVIEW: Re: SS029: "~ Pocket Monsters XY Special Episode: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act I

    So is Alan one of Sycamore's assistants? An associate? Did Alan receive Charizard from him?
  8. PREVIEW: Re: XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution Part 1

    The only problem I can see with this Alan character turns out to be Ash's rival for XY (aside from actually being interesting) is filling out the rest of his team. If the anime adheres to the game's...
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    Sticky: Re: Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    As long as we're throwing out random Fairies to put on the team, what about Snubbull/Granbull?

    I mean, Granbull is described in the games as a Pokémon with a tough exterior and a timid, cute...
  10. Re: Datel's released a cheating device for X and Y

    Eh, I'd only use it to take advantage of the two extra characters to re-nickname my transferred Pokémon. Now that you can enter 12 letters, my Cresselia's nickname, "SailorMoon", looks a little...
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    Sticky: ARCHIVES: Re: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    I don't suppose the broken thumbnails of existing images is part of that problem too? All images that had to be re-sized on Rhyhorn's page are resulting in errors for me, but not on Rhydon's page.
  12. Re: XY013: Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Big Commotion in the Kindergarten!!

    Small thing I noticed about this episode was that they didn't Bonnie's "keeping" gag with Premier. Maybe it's due to how the episode started, but it looks to me that they're trying to pad out the...
  13. Re: Updating the Pokémon Icons to the X & Y ones

    I can start moving the old MS icons to new file names once I know the name parameters we're going for.
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    Sticky: BULBAPEDIA: Re: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    Now that MS sprites have been uploaded for the new Kalos Pokémon, I suggest that Moveentry/level template series be updated to consider Male and Female Meowstic as separate forms. Similar to Deoxys,...
  15. PREVIEW: Re: XY0?? - Malamar

    Is this just me, or does Malamar's lair have some heavy H.R. Geiger vibes?
  16. Re: January 2014 CoroCoro reveals title of M17 to be "The Cocoon of Destruction": Wil

    I guess it would make sense that the OP Mega Evolutions would be restricted mainly to the movies.

    Did the article mention if the Drives were 2 per version like in Gen V?
  17. PREVIEW: Re: XY013: Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Big Commotion in the Park!!

    TBH I don't think "Premier" is something you'd name a recurring rival.

    I just hope infatuation is handled better as an ailment.
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    Re: Friend Safari on Pokémon pages

    Would it be possible to make a separate parameter for the Friend Safari like the Pal Park, Pokéwalker, and Dream World?
  19. Sticky: BULBAPEDIA: Re: Candidates for merging/moving/mainspacing/splitting discussion thread

    Question. If the Pal Pad was completely obsolete, why would the card game wait until XY-P Promotional cards to introduce it?[/QUOTE]

    Well, because I forgot about the TCG card completely. Whoops.
  20. Sticky: BULBAPEDIA: Re: Candidates for merging/moving/mainspacing/splitting discussion thread

    Support on account of the 3DS's universal friend code system making the Pal Pad obsolete.

    Support; The two aren't even that notable as a duo.

    Support Gogoat and Helioptile, Nay on...
  21. Re: REVIEW: XY006: "Decisive Battle on the Ice! Pikachu VS Viviyon!!"

    To be fair, Unfezant as a species isn't known for its stellar movepool.

    I liked the little character interaction between Froakie and Fletchling at the end of the training session.
  22. Re: REVIEW: XY005: "The Hakudan Gym Battle! The Magnificent Viviyon's Dance Battle!!"

    I was expecting the Bonnie proposal gag to be cut and paste from Brock and Misty's book, but throwing in Citron's flustered reaction was a nice touch.

    They handled Pikachu's defeat better than...
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    Sticky: BULBAPEDIA: Re: Suggestions, ideas, and problems

    The new Pokémon Infobox seems to be handling Flabébé's forms poorly. I typed in the following:

    forme=5 |
    forme1=Red flower |
    forme2=Blue flower |
    forme3=Yellow flower |
    forme4=White flower...
  24. Sticky: FAQ: Re: Simple Questions Simple Answers (XY Edition)

    Are there any NPCs that will buy items at inflated prices like the ore guy in Icirrus City?
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    Re: XY 001 & 002 - Hour long special

    Sadly, I think Wobbs will be shuffled back into the background once Jessie gets her Kalos Pokémon.

    Would be nice to see them use Shadow Tag to help them catch Pokémon, though.
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