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  1. Re: Was Paul meant to represent us? (the viewer)

    I've taken to seeing Shinji as a deconstruction of Silver. Silver is a pretty basic 'don't be like me' character but with Shinji we're allowed and even encouraged to see his point of view and that...
  2. SCIENCE: Re: Using mushrooms in place of plastic packaging

    That would be so cool. I hope it happens.

    They'd have to market it carefully though. Whilst I think that mushroom bags are cool, I don't know how many people would.
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    DISCUSSION: Re: May/Haruka as a companion

    Haruka was the best thing to ever happen to the show. With her came the idea of duel plots, finishing off characters and a strong feminine quest. I love how the show increasingly tried to show that...
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    DISCUSSION: Re: Shinji/Paul as a rival

    Well sorry if I got your post wrong, but isn't it ironic then that you like Paul, yet he indirectly brings the message of "how good friendship is", which you seem to dislike? And I do agree on this...
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    Re: So...current thoughts on Serena?

    She has potential to be terrible and potential to be awesome. I'm just keeping an open mind at the moment.

    I don't mind the amourshipping plot. Considering contestshipping is in this anime, I...
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    DISCUSSION: Re: Shinji/Paul as a rival

    I would just like to put myself forward as someone who can associate with Shinji. He makes mistakes. He isn't so keen on friendship: why should he be? Why should the default mode be 'friendship is...
  7. Re: Do you have any unpopular opinions about the anime?

    One of the best things about Shinji is his lack of backstory and that he's more relatable for it.
  8. re: Which is the character design you like the most?

    1. Shinji. Everything about his design is awesome. I'm actually planning an in-depth analysis on tumblr. I love the colours, the mild cartooniness, the way his face got the animators to draw...
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    Re: Ash's empty promises.

    It's a traveling show. The characters travel. Most of the rematch promices are characters that are not going to be in the same place again. If characters do meet up again, it's usually by chance....
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    Poll: Re: Who should Ash end up with in the anime?

    I like the idea of leaving it ambiguous. However if has to be anyone, let it be Shinji. If it has to be a girl, let it be Serena.

    Comashipping was the best ship in terms of bringing the best out...
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    Re: Is there any anime that you dislike?

    Madoka Magica. I just found it dull. I also thought that all it's clever bits had been done much better elsewhere. The only character I liked was Kyuubei. The nature of the show also annoyed me. ...
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    Poll: CONTEST: Re: Which is better: Johto or BW?

    The worst of Jouto is better than the best of Best Wishes. At least Jouto's badness never made other parts of the anime bad.

    To be honest, Jouto is kind of underrated. There are a lot of good...
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    DISCUSSION: Re: Shigeru/Gary as a rival

    Before Best Wishes came around, Shigeru was my least favourite pokemon character. I liked that since I don't hate Shigeru. I've always struggled to see Shigeru as a character though. His...
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    Re: What made DP so good?

    For me, it was the fact that DP looked at pokemon and called on it's strengths as a series then pushed them to be the best of the best. Pokemon is a series with continuity which means that it's a...
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    DISCUSSION: Re: Shinji/Paul as a rival

    For me, I liked him more as a character than I did as a rival, though I think he was super awesome as both.

    I know that some people would have liked him to open up/ show more emotions but the...
  16. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Who's return did you like best: Misty's, May's, or Dawn's?

    To be honest, I didn't particularly like any of the returns finding them all a little shoehorned in. I'd say that Haruka's had the least of that feel though. Plus whilst the return wasn't much the...
  17. Re: If any of Ash's old friends return, who would you want? What role should they pla

    Shinji please. As long as he remains in character I dont mind how he appears. I'd be happy for most opd characters reappearing since it would make their fans happy. That said the new characters...
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    Poll: Re: Who should Ash end up with in the anime?

    I don't care who Satoshi ends up with as long as it's not Kasumi. Having it be Kasumi would be a unneeded bout of nostalgia fuel (and this show already has way too much of that when it comes to...
  19. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Ash/Satoshi's Eye Color: Which Do You Prefer?

    The original eyes. Firstly, because they were more unusual. There are loads of anime characters with the big later style eyes. The older eyes stood out for that alone. Secondly, I liked they were...
  20. Re: What did you think of Gary/Shigeru's role on the show and should he appear again?

    To be honest, I felt he was more a series of gags than a character. If I don't care about a character than I don't care about their rivalry. I did find him entertaining on occasion but I'm kind of...
  21. Poll: Re: Kanto Gym Battles; Ash wasn't THAT bad was he?

    There are somethings that are good about Kanto Satoshi and some that are bad. It's easy to forgive Kanto Satoshi on account of his inexperience and the show's inexperience. The good thing about...
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    Poll: Re: Where will Ash go after the Kalos League?

    I'm going to say Houen because optimism. There's no way of knowing either way. I may as well go for the idea that I like best at this stage.
  23. Re: Do you intended to watch the Pokemon anime forever?

    I don't intend to watch forever. I intend to watch until I get bored and loose hope of improvement. The only reason I'm hanging around at the moment is because I like the fans.
  24. Poll: Re: Whose plot development and character development was better out of the fire start

    I never cared for Lizardon. It was back story one episode then no real effect until evolving. I found it unrealistic. It did have the first disobedience arc and some of it's disobedience was...
  25. Re: Description of Pokemon and canon characters: Necessary?

    As a reader I've long felt annoyed when I saw too much description of cannon characters. I wouldn't mind it so much but very rarely does it add anything to the story or feel particularly...
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