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    Re: Meaningful Quotations

    I'd say go for it! I've been thinking of trying that out for a fic itself, and I think it adds to the feeling of a chapter sometimes, depending on the situation in which you use a quote.
    Sometimes a...
  2. Re: How do you feel when the ship you named gets widely known...?

    Okay, well, I've named:
    ActionNotWordsShipping (Wes/Hilda)
    DedicatedShipping (Barry/Summer)
    HitShipping (Emok/Wes)
    WallflowerShipping (Emok/Rui)
    DoubleBlueShipping (Blue/Blue Eyes)...
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    Sticky: Re: The (In)Complete List of Shippers - V8

    FloweryShipping- Rosa/Dahlia/Iris/Daisy
  4. Re: What Type of Rival you prefer for Ash ????

    Someone with a different perspective on the world of Pokémon/battling, cold and hard to read at times but still rather affable and clever and treats Ash as a Worthy Opponent? A female rival perhaps?...
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    Re: Do you think Ash/Satoshi should be replaced?

    If they wanted to change protagonists I think they should have done it a while ago. We'd probably end up with them replacing him with a new character, half the fanbase rejecting him, them bringing...
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    Poll: Re: Should Ash age or not ?

    To be perfectly honest?
    It would have been better if they never mentioned his age after Kanto at all.
    At the very least, the fans could still dream then. But alas, they Jossed it, just like they...
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    Sticky: Re: The (In)Complete List of Shippers - V8

    TeaPartyShipping - Edward/Arley/Hocus/Kasa (Pokémon Ranger)
    GoldenArmourShipping- Edward/Purple Eyes (And if that's already named, Edward/Purple Eyes/Mewtwo)
    ForScienceShipping- Charon/Colress
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    Re: Official Mary Sue Thread

    To be honest, my Trainers can range anywhere from ten to almost thirty. For example, in one of my fanfictions, the child starts their journey at eleven and the trilogy of stories about said person...
  9. Sticky: Poll: Re: Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats? SensorShipping or AuraShadowShipping taken?
    Thank you for your suggestion! For your other ones...
    BigEaterShipping or MunchiesShipping for Ash x Gible
    ScatteredGreenShipping for Ash x...
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    Re: Love the ship, hate the name

    LazyPervertShipping, also known as Solana x Spenser. Kind of looks weird when slapping it on a fanfic summary.
    Also, YouNeedToBeHospitalizedIfYouAreActuallySeriousAboutThisOneShipping (random Team...
  11. Sticky: Poll: Re: Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    For Rui and Riley, how about SensualShipping?
    For Ash x Tepig, FierySpiritShipping perhaps?
    Could someone help me come up with a name for female Ace Trainer x male Ace Trainer?
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    Sticky: Re: The (In)Complete List of Shippers - V8

    Is there any name for female Ace Trainer x male Ace Trainer?
  13. Poll: Re: Would you rather be trapped in a room with N, Cheren, or a rabid Dialga?

    I'd kick Dialga in the balls and kick open the window and run.
    Except I'm not sure if Dialga actually has balls, and if there would be any window, so I'd probably either convince N I was a Pokémon...
  14. Re: Funniest quotes from the Pokémon Games, Anime, Manga, and more?

    "I don't even have the energy to get enraged over this. I have never been fortunate/lucky with subordinates in my entire career."
    -Kincaid, Shadows of Almia
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    Re: Red to Blue [One shot]

    Nicely done and written. Red wrote very passionately. :)
    In other words, great job Gastly's Mama! A better version of G/S/C/HG/SS Red than most I've seen.
  16. Re: Story Attention - Reviews, Critiquing, and Comments

    This fits everything I feel about reviewing, critique and comments to a T. :)
  17. Re: Never Our Equals: On Pokémorph Fanfiction

    I'm a big fan of Gijinka/PokéMorph fanfiction when it doesn't turn into angsty Mary-Sue with god-like powers.
    I'd say more, but I already posted on the topic of the same name over at Serebii, so...
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    Re: Do You Have A Motto?

    For now:
    "When talking to me in person, always assume I don't know about or have what you're talking about, and you'll nearly always be right."
  19. Re: Have you ever hated a character or pokemon because of their fans?

    I agree on every point made by Kakuna Matata.
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    Poll: Re: Hottest Pokemon Girl

    You do realise with all the protagonists you can just up them to your age in your head, therefore you are no longer a pedo? :P
  21. Poll: Re: What pluralization convention do you use?

    I always use the Bulbapedia method.
  22. Sticky: Poll: Re: Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    Well here's one....
    how about

    I'm not good with names. :p
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    Re: Do you have a fandom bicycle?

    The PMD heroes/partners. I can ship them with their partner, Gengar, Gardevoir, Absol, Alakazam, Wigglytuff, Chatot, Grovyle, Dusknoir, Celebi, Chimecho, Bidoof.....the list definitely goes on.
  24. Poll: Re: Capitalisation of Pokemon names

    Oh no, I don't SAY anything. That's just what I think. I've never actually said anything like that.
    I'll change my post to reflect that or something.
  25. Poll: Re: Capitalisation of Pokemon names

    Always. There's this person on who says you don't capitalize the names of Pokémon, but you do, so whenever I see that very harsh critic review, it makes me go 'Dammit, you ARE supposed to...
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