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    Re: Shining Charm Success Stories??

    Just caught shiny Regice. It took me about 20 SR's or so, didn't count. Happy
  2. Poll: Re: How many Pokemon will there be in Generation VI?

    Explain how they seem rushed?[/QUOTE]

    The gap between the American B2/W2 and X/Y will be shorter than a year! It's not a third version after all! There are new maps to be created, and everything...
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    Re: Trainer Customization

    I so much want customization (those shades suck digletts)! Buying clothes at Dept. Store or receiving them from NPCs for completing various sidequests and even getting rare ones as DLC. That would be...
  4. Poll: Re: How many Pokemon will there be in Generation VI?

    It would be cool if they ended Gen VI on #777 or even #776
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    Re: Asthetic nuggest of perection and gameplay speculation.

    I hope what we've seen is not what the game will actually look like. In trailer graphics are just gnarly and colors are pale and overall expression is that the game is undone. I hope they somehow fix...
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    Poll: Re: What will you get: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

    Huh, no one answered "Y" yet?
    I personally will stick with X. Just because it seems opposite to my current W/W2
  7. Poll: Re: (Mod Note: Read First Post! Updated 6/1/13) Game Freak "expanding Pokémon world"

    I prepare for worst. Like if they announce Wii U game, mediocre spin-off or something TCG related. I personally ain't interested in these and Game Freak already had some over-hyped announcements that...
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    Sticky: FAQ: Re: What happens after the 50th call/final trade for Yancy?

    She keeps on trading duplicates in the same order

    Yes, technically many Pokemon are unobtainable in Gen V, though, if we don't count legends and starters, I think almost every Pokemon is...
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