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  1. CONTEST: Re: Which Pokémon From BW Will You Miss the Most?

    Tbh I kind of miss Iris' Axew. He was always entertaining with getting lost and stuff especially during the league...
  2. Poll: CONTEST: Re: What's your favorite Pokemon movie?

    Mewtwo Strikes Back, Pokemon the Power of One, Pokemon Ranger, and Rise of Darkrai are my favorites. I also like Extreme Genesect and Girantina the Sky Warrior. I find Lucario and the Mystery of...
  3. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Best “Brock gets rejected” moment

    Croagunk was the best imo, it just makes Brock seem really pervy and hilarious for some reason.
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    Poll: CONTEST: Re: Least Favorite Saga

    Johto, BW Season 2, particularly DA, and the 1st year of XY are probably my least favorite series as of right now. There was hardly anything happening in those arcs and they focused mostly on Ash...
  5. Poll: Re: Who should Ash end up with in the anime?

    Pikachu, he doesn't really care about any of his female companions in that way, especially Misty and Serena. In other words, he won't be ending up with anyone because shipping isn't really part of...
  6. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Favorite pokemon owned by main characters in XY so far

    Serena and Fennekin. They're pretty much a team and exactly alike imo.
  7. CONTEST: Re: Who is the manliest out of [insert three Pokeguys here]?

    Brock, Cilan, Clemont
  8. Poll: Re: poll:who is ash's best traveling partner?

    Dawn, she pretty much was the main character of DP while Ash kind of had the co-star role imo.
  9. CONTEST: Re: Which Character or Pokemon had the Best Dubbing/Voice?

    4kids-Eric Stuart as Brock.
    tcpi-Emily Jenness as Dawn, whoever voiced Paul, and Haven Paschall as Serena.
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    FUN AND GAMES: Re: Make Up a Mirror verse character

    Mirror Dawn is tomboyish and wants to participate in the badge quest.
    Mirror Paul doesn't really care about power and uses Ash's training style.
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    FUN AND GAMES: Re: Favourite Character's Outfit

    I like both Serena's and Dawn's attires the best. Their designs are really girly, which I like lol.
  12. DISCUSSION: Re: What do you think of the XY saga so far?

    It has it's ups and downs, but it really seems to be picking up ever since Serena started to get some focus finally.
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    Re: Character customizations?

    I'm guessing May's and Brendan's original/emerald attires will be available if we got character customization.
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    Re: Travel companions

    I'd like Serena to stick around for another generation or 2, however I prefer character replacing for every generation and I would have preferred if the anime replaced all the main characters...
  15. PREVIEW: Re: XY024: Undersea Castle! Skrelp and Dragalge!!

    I doubt it'll be banned, they'll most likely air the episode in the near future.

    As for the episode itself, I really don't think anyone will catch anything here, it seems to be another filler...
  16. PREVIEW: Re: XY029: "Ta-da! Fake Satoshi Appears!!"

    I knew this was going to be a Team Rocket episode once I saw the title. I guess they're planning to steal Pokemon and framing the group it seems.
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    Re: So...current thoughts on Serena?

    I wish she was more active, she hardly gets any screen time, hasn't really even battled, or even caught a Pokemon yet. I'm glad she at least attempted to catch that Corsola from the Shiny Magikarp...
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    Poll: CONTEST: Re: Favorite Anime Group

    Ash, Dawn, and Brock because Ash and Dawn were close and did almost everything together since they were co-stars. While Brock was in the background for most of the series, I didn't really mind much...
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    Poll: CONTEST: Re: Advanced VS DP

    I like Diamond and Pearl, the Battle Dimension, and the Battle Frontier as my favorites because so much was going on in those 3 seasons like May's Kanto contest quest, Ash's Frontier challenge quest,...
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    FUN AND GAMES: Re: XY: Your own ideas for episodes

    Serena tries out the Battle Chateau and decides to take part in it as her goal.
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    DISCUSSION: Re: Advanced Generation as a saga

    AG was alright. I found the 1st half of it, the Hoenn series, to be pretty boring until around the time Advanced Battle started airing in the dub. I loved the Battle Frontier series and I loved how...
  22. DISCUSSION: Re: What do you think of the XY saga so far?

    I have mixed feelings about it. I like Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont, but Ash is bland and gets way too much screen time imo and Team Rocket are only back to being plot devices. I also wish that...
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    DISCUSSION: Re: Bonnie/Eureka discussion

    She's a cute and fun character and she has great interactions with the group.
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    DISCUSSION: Re: Clemont/Citron as a companion

    He's a great companion so far. He is more active in the group, his gag is funny, and his interactions with the rest of the group are interesting.
  25. DISCUSSION: Re: What do you think of Team Rocket in XY?

    I really don't like Team Rocket in XY. So far they seem to only exist for being a plot device in the episodes they appear, while in BW if felt like they had a purpose to be in the anime as main...
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