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    PREVIEW: Re: Movie 18: The Archdjinn of Rings: Hoopa

    The buildings in the movie shares some resemblance to the ones in Dubai. The fact that it would be in a desert and Hoopa being inspired by a djinni do give some credit to it. It's only speculations...
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    PREVIEW: Re: Movie 18

    Plot for the new movie:

    On his way to becoming a Pokemon Master, Ash and his companions continue on with their journey. On their way, they arrived at a Pokemon Center in the desert.

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    PREVIEW: Re: Movie 18


    Looks like the setting will be based off Dubai...
  4. PREVIEW: Re: XY046: The Clumsy Wigglytuff VS the Rampaging Salamence!

    In order to help Nurse Joy, Wigglytuff heads off to find Salamence.
  5. Re: Fans campaign for Chinese localization of Pokémon games: Over 7000 fans from the

    Keep in mind that the petition was only up for around a week at the time of writing, the numbers have almost doubled for the past few days.

    Considering the English localization is done in the...
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    Re: The Last Airbender:The Legend of Korra

    It's only been three episodes and I already like this season over the last one. I just hope they don't have Mako get back with Korra or Asami again...

    In addition, I already have an idea on what...
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    Re: Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    Eh, not really. When you Google アブニヨン you get a bunch of website results with the "avignon" spelling so it's not like the movie / manga is making it up. Unless the "they" you're referring to was...
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    Re: Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    They really did corrupt the one for Avignon...

    Hmmm, I was expecting it to be based on the French pronunciation, but that romanization seems to be plausible if it's based on its English...
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    Re: Dogasu's Backpack Discussion

    I noticed that there are two new locations revealed in the M17 manga adaptation summary: Avignon Town and Orseille City. Would you mind providing the kana of those two names (for encyclopaedic...
  10. PREVIEW: Re: Upcoming XY episodes (Korrina, Hawlucha, Mega Lucario, Diantha, Mega Mawile, etc.

    A closer look at the image indicated that someone mixed up the blurb for Korrina's and Diantha's episodes. Diantha's partner is still Gardevoir...
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    Poll: PREVIEW: Re: Movie 17: The Cocoon of Destruction

    There's also the fact that their surname sounds like steal...

    Still, I find it amusing that Shoko will be voicing an antagonist...
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    Re: Your preferred translation conventions.

    When did you ever get the idea that I'm not used to discussions on translations? :P

    I got nothing against Viz, aside from Zolo, occasional censorship, and some unnecessary changes.

    I have to...
  13. PREVIEW: Re: XY0?? - Malamar

    This woman reminds me a bit of Madame Boss. Considering one of the text says something on the line of being a threat to Team Rocket (and actually attacking them), it's clear that she's not affliated...
  14. Re: REVIEW: XY008: "Pokémon Trimmer and Torimian!"

    Considering the title and episode summary, I didn't expect much from the episode, but instead we got:
    * Eureka proposing for Citron (I wish she was my sister)
    * Ash's reaction to too much...
  15. Re: REVIEW: XY007: "Leave it to Serena!? The Charging Sihorn Race!"

    I guess we now know who would be making the food for the gang...

    Well, I certainly did expect some focus on Serena (particularly her first meeting with Ash), considering the anime have been...
  16. Re: Genesect and the Legend Awakened to premiere in Philippine theaters: Mewtwo to be

    I wouldn't worry about that. Manila wasn't affected by the typhoon.
  17. Re: Anyone else getting AG vibes from the XY series?

    Don't all the logos in the anime look like that, at least in Japan? XD The colors match because the legendaries are the same color XD[/QUOTE]

    The base at the bottom is shorter than the one on top,...
  18. Re: Anyone else getting AG vibes from the XY series?

    I've had this vibe ever since the logo for the series was revealed.
    Compare the logo for XY
    To the logo for AG...
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    Re: Localisation names

    As one of the users dealing with the name origin section in the wiki, I can say that I do like what I've seen so far.

    For places, I like how they decide to continue the theme naming of the city...
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    NEWS: Re: Pokémon: The Origin!

    According to the official Japanese Pokémon Twitter, Red's VA would be Junko Takeuchi and Professor Oak's would be Katsuji Mori. Believe it!

    Anyone hoping that Green's VA would be Noriaki Sugiyama...
  21. PREVIEW: Re: BWS2DA!E18 - Dent VS the Ice Challenger! The Crisis of Sanyou Gym!!

    The weirdly dressed trainer is named Drago, so it's more likely that he's a guy.

    I'm disappointed that he's not another sommelier with a wine-based name.
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    SPOILERS: Re: Gym Discussion/Speculation

    Aside from obscure plant reference (cornouiller), I found that Corina (sic) is derived from a Greek word for maiden. And then, there's Korra. (Maybe some of the staff members in TPCi are fans of...
  23. PREVIEW: Re: BWS2DA!E18 - Pansage

    I'm assuming that either the CotD came all the way from Unova to defeat the third gym leader of Sanyou or Dent went back to deal with him (or her)...

    *Bets that the new character would be named...
  24. SPECIAL: July 2013 "Pocket Monsters Special" Review Thread

    Credit goes to 光輝君 for finding these
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    Re: Region Speculation and Discussion Thread

    To quote myself from another thread:

    On the other hand, the art theme could be considered as a secondary origin, considering that the European versions are also themed on art. Aside from what...
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