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    Re: Pokemon B/W vs B2/W2

    I prefer BW2 to BW1, but in all honesty I don't care much for either as gen 5 is my 2nd least fav gen. I hate both stories and find them both rather boring, but BW2's is much more interesting and I...
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    Re: Did you LIKE or HATE Iris?

    I hate Iris and she is currently my least favorite female character. I could write an essay rant on why, but basically she was rude, hypocritical, annoying, and overall unlikable. I thought I hated...
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    Re: What Are Your Pokemon's Nicknames?

    I try to nickname all of my Pokémon, even if it's something as simple and stupid as naming a Pikachu, Pik. I try to use naming schemes for all of my main in-game teams and I think my favorite one is...
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    Re: who were your PMD starters and partners?

    In Blue Rescue Team I was a Squirtle with a Charmander partner.
    In Red Rescue Team I was Charmander with Chikorita. (I REALLY loved Team Go Getters and wanted to use them all) My last replay was a...
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    Sticky: Re: CoroCoro Thread

    All of the redesigns look pretty nice. Though Flannery's and Norman's look a bit odd imo. And I don't know why Wattson looks at bit...larger to me. But regardless I like all of them. I can't want to...
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    Sticky: Re: CoroCoro Thread

    Mega Metagross looks weird, imo. Hopefully, it's really strong and makes the league more of a challenge. I'm more concerned about the new gym leader art. Hopefully we get some clearer pictures soon,...
  7. Re: The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    I was never much of a fan of Metagross and mega just looks weirder. But I am exited that it's confirmed and I hope it makes the league more of a challenge.
  8. REVIEW: Re: XY035: "Champion of the Forest! Luchabull Appears!!"

    This episode was so awesome. Hawlucha is so cool!

    Okay, ignoring the clichéd beginning of an Ursaring stealing food from smaller Pokémon, I thought it was great that Bonnie was the one who went to...
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    Re: Pokémon Customization

    I loved the introduction of Furfrou and its customized looks. I went through Y with a Star trimmed and later Dandy style Furfrou. As far a clothes go I must admit, I always did like the Meowth and...
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    Sticky: REVIEW: Re: S17 ep 29 "Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!"

    This episode was actually better than I thought it would be.

    The beginning of this episode just reminded me why I love Clemont so much. He doesn’t even need a Pokemon to help fend off TR. I don’t...
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    Sticky: REVIEW: Re: S17 ep 28 "The Bonds of Evolution!"

    Hm, this was okay. I can't say I disliked it, but it wasn't extremely interesting.

    First of all, I love how Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena were fangirling over Diantha at the beginning. Especially,...
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    Re: Favourite and least favourite Kalos Pokemon?

    My favorite is Pyroar because lions are my favorite animal and I love both of its designs.
    My least favorite is definitely Barbacle because it and it's pre-evo are the ugliest things since Stunfisk.
  13. REVIEW: Re: XY034: "Mega Lucario VS Mega Kucheat! The Bonds of Mega Evolution!!"

    True, I suppose that does make sense. Though, I'm still pretty annoyed that if Lucario is used in the gym battle that Aura Sphere may become his new main move just like almost every other one.
  14. REVIEW: Re: XY034: "Mega Lucario VS Mega Kucheat! The Bonds of Mega Evolution!!"

    This episode was okay I guess.

    The battle against Mawile was nothing major, but I was glad to see Mega Mawile that thing beat Lucario much easier than I thought it would. And man I forgot how bit...
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    Re: xy were too easy

    I don't know why, but I never found X and Y to be too easy and I used the Exp. Share at certain points in both and Mega Evolution on 2 Pokemon in Y. Hell, in Y I actually had to grind my team up like...
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    Sticky: REVIEW: Re: S17 ep 27 "To Find a Fairy Flower!"

    I had no doubts that I'd love another Bonnie episode. And I did.

    Ok first of all, Bonnie has Tyrantrum pajamas, a Sentret comb, and a Poliwag Mirror? Could this girl get any cuter? I mean...
  17. SPECULATION: Re: Which Gym Leader / Elite 4 Are You Most Excited To Battle Again?

    For gym leaders I'd say Flannery only because I remember my battle with her the least out of any other during my Emerald playthrough. Others I guess would be Wattson and Tate and Liza because I am...
  18. Re: is saving before important battles such as legendary pokemon cheating?

    I wouldn't say so with legendary Pokémon for sure. If you fail to catch it or it knocks out your entire team you'd have to spend more money on Poke Balls and go all the way pack to where it was to...
  19. Thread: Challenge Mode

    by Sakuraa

    SPECULATION: Re: challenge mode

    I hope that if it does some back it's available at the beginning as has been suggested before. I'd certainly be glad if later gym leaders, the rival, and the E4/Champion used megas in battle.
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    REVIEW: Re: S17 ep 26 "A Battle by Any Other Name!"

    Omg, Swirlix and Slurpuff are sooooooo cute. Oh, and the rest of the episode was nice.

    Ok, good to finally see some Poke Puffs in the anime and...did Ash seriously just try to eat those. He didn’t...
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    Re: Which Characters Cry the Most/Least often?

    I do remember that May and Dawn cried an awful lot during their time on the show. Along with Ash since he's been around the longest. I guess these guys would be my top contenders for crying the most....
  22. Poll: Re: Would you watch the Pokemon anime if it revamp every several years?

    I surely would. It would be very refreshing to see new characters and plots over just watching Ash continue on his endless journey like he has already.

    I've already done that for every series...
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    REVIEW: Re: S17 ep 25 "Climbing the Walls!"

    Doesn't the Pokedex show the Pokemon's type too? I think that's what Clemont meant.[/QUOTE]

    I don't know for sure. It's hard to tell since the Pokedex doesn't have any real words on it. Maybe it...
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    REVIEW: Re: S17 ep 25 "Climbing the Walls!"

    Great gym battle. Great episode.

    Alright Ash needs to stop charging off without even knowing where the gym is. First off, I loved how the gym was on top of a giant cave and had a giant wall to...
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    Re: Your favorite Pokemon game?

    My favorite game with always be Blue Rescue Team. It was the first Pokémon game I ever played so of course it's nostalgic. But aside from that I loved the plot and characters. I could actually relate...
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