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  1. Re: whats going on between oak and ash's mum

    Something is goin on all bed :D
  2. PREVIEW: Re: March 27: XY021 - Time to Debut! PokéVision with Serena and Fennekin!!

    screenshot don't work, OP. Should've reuploaded it to tinypic or something..

    I really have no clue what to think about this eppy. At least Serena is doing something, tho...
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    Re: So...current thoughts on Serena?

    She hasn't really battled yet, so I have no clue what to think :/
  4. PREVIEW: Re: XY??: Pichu

    Pichu?? That thing is going to Serena :D

    In all seriousness, I haven't seen a Pokemon episode involving two pokemon switching places, quite interesting to watch when it airs...
  5. Re: How should the anime makes its direction?

    I just hope that Ash wins something this year....
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    Re: What made DP so good?

    Nah..I actually thought is was terrible. If anything good came out of it, it was the Character Development of Ash and Dawn, but mostly Dawn...
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    Poll: Re: Do you prefer subbed or dubbed episodes?

    Nowadays, subs. Back in the day, tho...dubs...
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    Re: Pokemon Fan leaks.

    its now that we get some good leaks in :(

    But, as I said before, this won't get me pumped for XY :(
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    Re: Pokemon X and Y anime Opening and Ending

    So no Rica singing the themes?? Damn :(
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    Re: New XY trailer + Official Site Updates

    At least BW will end :o

    Expect more of the same comin from XY
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    Re: Serena's goal : What do you think it is?

    To stalk Ash :D
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    Re: Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    As Jim Ross would say, GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!

    Its Hoenn again,

    Ash, main character from the games, gym leader, small kid :o
  13. Re: Will Iris And/Or Cilan Continue Travelling With Ash?

    Neither will, Ash will have two gym leaders from Kalos to replace Cilan/Iris...
  14. Re: What do you think about Ash's new X&Y outfit?

    He looks like Red, I don't know why but he does...
  15. Re: How will Pokemon X & Y impact the Anime? - UPDATE: Begins October!

    Either that, or he sends her poor Gogoat to the hospital. :P[/QUOTE]
    I was thinking a skateboard but whatever :D
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    Re: The Worst League Loss For Ash?

    Sinnoh because he had to beat a guy with 2 legendaries on his team.

    Honorary mention: Kanto because he had to beat his twin and didn't :o
  17. Re: Rocket-dan in contests, should they do it again?

    nuff said
  18. Re: Speculation: What do you think will happen after DA?

    Just because you think that the saga will be extended to October doesn't mean that the thread is pointless. This is the first time in which we've been given so many (around 15) episode concepts all...
  19. PREVIEW: Re: BW126: Goodbye Mijumaru!? The Path to Being Hotachi King!

    Squirtle Mark 2 :(

    Just seeing the writers recycle the same ol sh!t makes me pissed :x
  20. Poll: Re: Would you like no Gym and League story for Satoshi for the next gen anime?

    those gym/league eppys would be replaced by fillers, so HELL NO!!
  21. Poll: NEWS: re: Iris and Cilan leaving discussion. (Confirmed)

    If this happens,

    I saw it coming :yao:
  22. Re: Pokémon Best Wishes Series 2 Dekoroa Adventure! (April 25th)

    oh boy. Squirtle Mark 2 :(
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    Poll: Re: Charizard vs. the Dragon of Fire

    If he can beat an Articuno, he can beat anybody...
  24. Re: Do you have any unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Well that's never happened, the longest saga was 191 episodes. :p

    I do think each arc could be around 120 episodes maximum though. 120 eps gives them enough time for the main cast, their pokemon,...
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    Re: Do you like Kotetsu/Cameron as a rival?

    Are you kidding me? That guy is hilarious. One of the most decent rivals we have on this gen. Looking at you Trip :D
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