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    REVIEW: Re: S15 EP49 "Unova's Survival Crisis!"

    It's a bit silly to pretend the trio is gone for good so no big loss really. Jessie's line at the end can easily lead into their return to chasing Pikachu.

    For good reason too. That big attack...
  2. REVIEW: Re: S15 EP48 "Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!"

    Protectors protect, do they? Thanks for the clarification, Cilan!

    ...That was the big battle between Ash and Giovanni? Persian overpowered Pikachu with only two moves! The rest of the episode...
  3. REVIEW: Re: BW103: The Isshu League Higaki Conference Gets Underway! Satoshi vs Shooty!!

    Normally, the first league episode would end on the opening ceremony. (After getting the ceremonial flame back from Team Rocket.) But Best Wishes just jumps straight into the start of Ash's battle...
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    Re: Elite Four, my ass!!

    Trainers in post-game areas may have higher levels but most of them would never get through the E4. The Elite Four have strong Pokémon and tactics while the trainers are the same mooks you've seen...
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    Poll: Re: Orre - Main Series? Or Side Game?

    Ranger isn't the only side game to award you with Pokémon in the main series either. I got my Jirachi from Channel.

    The difference is that Colosseum and XD involve mutual trading in the Pokémon...
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    Re: Zorua in 13th Movie

    It could go either way really. Ash is terrible at keeping promises but the series has surprised us with what little pieces of continuity briefly came back in recent years.Aura. That is all.
  7. Re: BW 001-002 "To the Isshu Region! Zekrom's Shadow!!" and "Iris and Kibago!" Previe

    The preview thread is a couple of hours early, not weeks. And there's a character limit on titles.

    Pikachu seems to be overloading on electricity and is saved by the Professor. Episode 1 of AG...
  8. Re: DP 191 "Memories are Pearls! Friendship is a Diamond!!" Preview Thread

    Starly alarm clock! ...But real Pokémon are apparently more effective. :p

    We've got a nice mix of comedy and somber recollections without actual flashbacks.

    Hey look, it's TR's Delibird. And...
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    Re: Anime=/=Games

    Not exactly the attitude an encyclopedia should be taking...

    How far do you go with the differences between the anime and games? The show tries to incorporate the battle system into how it...
  10. Re: DP 191 "Memories are Pearls! Friendship is a Diamond!!" Preview Thread

    Heh, Ash and Brock's last moments at the crossroads are very different to last time. I guess he's not "always like that", huh Brock?It would be nice but I'm curious to how much time will even be...
  11. Re: DP 190 "Pokémon Doctor - Takeshi!" Preview Thread

    From a character perspective, it seems a strange time for a Nurse Joy to throw that idea out now after all the other injured Pokémon he has helped over the years. But maybe we're only hearing it now...
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    Re: Misty's Song...

    The perception that PokeShipping is purely a 4Kids creation comes precisely from these extra pieces outside the anime that spell it out much louder than the show. But to be fair, extra songs that...
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    Re: Return of Kadabra to TCG

    Have we seen Kadabra in the anime? Mira's Kadabra was downgraded to an Abra in the series.

    It's Porygon again. Controversy strikes and Japan immediately stops paying any attention to it.
  14. Re: Anime season title revealed: Next season to be "Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes"

    OMG Jirachi means Max returns I have to agree with Bikini Miltank. Best Wishes just sounds like happy-go-lucky gratuitous English that happens to use the letters B and W.

    And I still say don't...
  15. Re: So they're teasing us with a possible end of Satoshi (Ash)'s journey

    I have a hunch that this is related to this story.

    So the artwork is only of characters that appear in the first three episodes. (Though it might not be all of them. Surely, we'll see the...
  16. Re: Unconfirmed: Black and White anime artwork possibly leaked: Reveals new Pokémon,

    They wouldn't give a main character the evolution of a starter right off the bat. It's probably just a random other Pokémon.

    This looks like the character artwork that was mentioned in an earlier...
  17. Re: Should the movies give bigger roles to Ash's friends than Ash himself?

    Don't forget movie 10. That's the best treatment Brock has got. If he got to have a role on the sidelines more often it wouldn't be so bad. But then movie 11 went and made a joke out of him being...
  18. Re: DP 179 "Electric Shock Battle! The Final Badge!!" Preview Thread

    Dawn likes putting Piplup in that cheerleading outfit. :-p

    I would not like to be in Volkner's place when Infernape activated Blaze. Intense.
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    Poll: Re: Protagonist Age

    I don't think 10 is a particularly important age in the games. (Red is 11 in RBY.) They look about the age of the Ranger series protagonists.

    I'm not sure if their age will have any impact on...
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    Poll: Re: Another new template revamp!

    But you can get foreign dex entries in the Gen IV games.So see if someone else wants to do it. Though I don't know if there is anyone who would be willing to obtain the data and then put it in all...
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    Re: Moves that become ridiculous in context

    Metronome can create some weird combinations.

    For one, it expands the self-destructing to Clefairy.
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    Re: Crystal in the HGSS arc

    The direction of the manga has no bearing on the intentions for the game character. The anime went the other route by making the characters different people, despite having already established their...
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    Re: What happened to the Platinum arc?

    The RS, FRLG and Emerald arcs were all running at the same time at one point in the weekly chapter release. Seeing the start of the HGSS arc now isn't a concern.
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    Re: Pokemon DP: Sinnoh League Victors, May 22nd

    Johto League Champions is still a weird title for the season that starts with badge 3 and ends with badge 5. Since I wasn't in the loop when I first heard of it, that threw me off for a while.

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    Re: Gen V Pokemon Appearing

    Stick to the topic, please. Some people use the Japanese names because that is what they are more familiar with. If you really want to know who is being talked about, Bulbapedia and Google are your...
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