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    Poll: Re: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    My excitement is for Episode 5.
  2. Italian Court Convicts 7 Scientists for Failing To Predict Earthquake

    Italian court convicts 7 scientists for failing to predict earthquake | Fox News

    Really Italy? Really?
  3. Terror Attack Attempt on Fed Bank in New York

    Feds arrest man who tried to blow up Federal Reserve Bank in NYC, sources say | Fox News
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    Re: Wii U Discussion

    Honestly, aside from the major 3rd party games (I'll be getting Black Ops 2 for it if I can get the system) my biggest excitement is Dragon Quest X. It got rave reviews in Japan, and while Dragon...
  5. Re: is the "never say die" censorship needed?

    Luckily, Avatar: The Last Airbender avoided this. It just Deus-Ex-Machina'd the end of the series.
  6. DIPLOMACY: Re: Iran's Currency Collapses, Mass Protests and Crackdown Result

    If Israel wante to take over Iran, it would have happened. Where in the world are you getting that idea from?

    No, Israel's attitude from Iran comes from the Mullahs and Ahmadinejad constantly...
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    DISASTER: Re: Crisis in Syria

    Turkey PM's office says Turkish artillery fired on Syria after shelling of Turkish town | Fox News

    And now there's this.

    Honestly, I've gotten the impression that Turkey has been licking...
  8. DIPLOMACY: Iran's Currency Collapses, Mass Protests and Crackdown Result

    Iran cracks down on money changers as currency continues to fall | Fox News

    Iran’s Rial Is Tanking & The People Have Taken to the Streets | Video |

    Here's a graph:
  9. Poll: Re: Pokemon R/B what destroyed your childhood?

    I can honestly say that nothing really harmed my "childhood" because I got into Pokemon rather late (entering junior high at the time) and thus I found Lavender town fascinating.

    A lot of my...
  10. Re: NYC gym teacher claims 6-year-old student beat him up

    A kid beats up a gym teacher?


    I think if a lawsuit forms from this, it needs to be thrown out. No child should ever get the upper hand of a gym teacher.

    That being said, this is what...
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    Re: Investors Brace for Euro Collapse

    Two reasons: Economies are linked. If Europe goes into a death spiral of financial failure, it dramatically harms U.S. and Chinese exports. Demand collapses, and the U.S. slips from it's current...
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    Re: Investors Brace for Euro Collapse

    Or if the German courts declare all of it unconstitutional, Germany makes a speedy exit of the euro which causes the euro to collapse.

    But the Euro collapsing is going to hinge on its financial...
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    Investors Brace for Euro Collapse

    Is the End of the EU here? |

    Investors appear to be bracing for the collapse of the house of cards. History suggests that a massive selloff or collapse in the markets happens in...
  14. Re: Japan Passes Jail-for-Downloaders Anti-Piracy Law

    If I watch subs, I watch them through proper channels. YouTube, Hulu, and the like, which are unaffected by a law like this (I watch through the "Shows" tab on YouTube). That being said, I don't...
  15. Re: 14 dead, 50 wounded in shooting at Colorado theater, police chief says

    It's also possible he could have developed a brain abnormality, as was the case for Charles Whitman when he shot people sniper style at the University of Texas in Austin in 1966. If this is true,...
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    Poll: Re: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    Just gonna leave this here.
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    Poll: Re: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

    Twilight appears to be college age, and all six either live on their own or are at least out from under parents.
  18. Re: Warren Spector says games are "fetishising violence"

    Fixed. Skyrim is nothing next to those two.[/QUOTE]

    Unfix. Skyrim is still plenty bloody and brutal. Beheadings are always graphic, and in the game, you are treated to two executions by beheading....
  19. Re: Warren Spector says games are "fetishising violence"

    He can think what he wants. I'm going to still play Skyrim.
  20. Re: You can accurately judge a person just by looking at their shoes, psychologists s

    According to the study, I'm an agreeable yet dirty liberal hippie. And I'm practical too. These people know NOTHING about me. About the only thing they got right is that I'm a bit of a recluse, but...
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    Re: 2012 Tropical Cyclones

    In the Pacific, a hurricane has formed. Hurricane Carlotta. As of now, it has a wind speed of 85mph and is gaining strength. It is dangerously close to the Mexican coastline and appears to be headed...
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    Re: The 2012 Pacific/Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Beryl has run its course, but left much of the southeast very wet.

    And with today, the Atlantic Hurrican Season officially starts today. We'll see how the season unfolds.
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    Re: New York plans to ban large sodas

    "First they came for the smokers..."

    If this is a nudge, it won't be long before it becomes a shove.
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    Re: The Last Airbender:The Legend of Korra

    Aang's Avatar Spirit was locked, not dead, when he was struck down by Azula. Whether or not he died is up to some debate, but the fact that he spent a large chunk of the Sozin's Comet finale in the...
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    HISTORY: Memorial Day

    Here in the U.S., today we honor our military and those who fought and died for our freedoms. The Military Channel is appropriately running WWII documentaries.

    Listen to this song by Trace Adkins,...
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