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  1. Re: Newbie here, but cool Fizzy Bubbler elsewhere.

    Thanks for the support, guys! And should I need to ask any questions... I'll know who to ask. :)
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    Re: What is your hated gym leader/s

    I may like Psychic-types, but Sabrina... UGH, so hard to beat when half of the Pokemon in Gen 1 that I used were part Poison.
  3. Sticky: Poll: Re: How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    I'm 23, born in '89. I was 6 when I got Blue Version, and I've loved Pokemon ever since.
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    Re: Which trainer class do you wanna be?

    I'm inclined to go with Super Nerd. I'm that much into Pokemon. *nods*
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    Re: If you could invent a new type

    Light type has obviously been brought up too many times, so I'll leave my opinions about how I'd like it to be in the games at that, but another type that'd be cool is Wind type. We need something to...
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    Re: Dark and Disturbing Cartoon Theories

    I have heard of the Smurfs being references to the Soviet Union, but I've never heard the Pokemon theories. The second one would really fill in a lot of plot holes, though. Maybe they had something...
  7. Re: Reasons for EarthBound not being seen on Virtual Console revealed.

    I wouldn't complain about being unable to play Earthbound 1 if Nintendo would just make a new Earthbound game, like for the 3DS. Some sort of Earthbound 3D game would sell like hotcakes, there's that...
  8. Re: Marvel digs deep for next slate of movies

    Aw, I'd watch a Deadpool movie if it wasn't R-Rated. It doesn't need that sort of junk to be a funny movie.
  9. Re: Pokémon toys coming to US Happy Meals: Includes several TCG cards

    The only toy I'd be really interested in is the Servine toy. Maybe I can get the Servine card too?
  10. Re: Newbie here, but cool Fizzy Bubbler elsewhere.

    Thanks! By the way... you are awesome for being a Star Force fan. =D
  11. Newbie here, but cool Fizzy Bubbler elsewhere.

    Hey there, I'm Gemini Spark! Some of you may know me on UPN, more of you may know me on Serebii as Dark Searchman, but if you're in Fizzy Bubbles, then you've most likely seen me post over there. I...
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