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    Re: Look to Your Left.What do you See?

    An overflowing laundry hamper, and some old toy robots. Also, a few empty boxes that are sitting in my room for no particular reason.

    Hm, maybe I should clean out.

    That requires too much...
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    EVERYONE: Re: NaNoWriMo Discussion thread

    Last year I was too stressed from college and being sick to get farther than around ten-fifteen pages. -_-

    However, I may actually have time this year, so I'm considering it.
  3. Re: What is your favourite Pokémon type combination?

    Yeah, I'm going to go with Ghost/Dark as well.
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    Re: Do you like poison type pokemon?

    Poison types are cool. Of course, my favorite Pokemon is a part-Poison type, so I'm biased. :P

    I always found it weird that Gengar's line doesn't learn any Poison-type moves naturally.
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    Poll: Re: What was your first generation?

    Game-wise, it was generation 3.

    I had watched the anime since the beginning though. My first game was Sapphire.
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    Re: I may be the only one but...

    You find them creepy? LOL :D

    Actually, I find Snivy's enormous eyes to be kind of cute. :P
  7. Re: Do you still get judged for playing Pokemon?

    Our dorm hall decided to decorate with drawings of Pokemon. I have a picture of a Cubone riding a Rapidash on my door.

    So yeah, no problems here.
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    Poll: Re: God?

    I believe in God.

    Voted monotheist.
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    MERCH: Re: What Pokemon toys do you own?

    I have a Sandile plushie. :D

    I also have a few toy Pokeballs and figurine things...somewhere in my closet.
  10. Poll: Re: What is your least favourite elemental type?

    Normal. I mean, it's okay, but the concept is really boring. "Oh, look at my wonderful NORMAL-type Pokemon." Yawn. :P
  11. Re: Would you love Pokemon forever and ever?

    Lol, nice! XD
  12. Re: Would you name your kid after a Pokemon?

    Maybe I'd name them after human characters in the games/anime but no, not Pokemon. O.o
  13. Re: Would you love Pokemon forever and ever?

    Ah, but that won't be a problem if he/she likes Pokemon as much as you do. :P

    I'm sticking with it for good; I don't see how I could ever lose interest in it.
  14. Re: Favourite (non-legendary) Ice-type Pokémon

    Froslass, for sure...I just like its design, really.
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    Poll: Re: Pokémon Intelligence

    Human-level intelligence, personally. It's simply more fun that way for me. I couldn't care less about potraying them in any semblance of a realistic manner because making Pokemon laugh, talk, argue,...
  16. TEEN: Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Chapter Four

    I like Alaska's family. They don't have much, but they're still happy nonetheless.

    Oh, and for a second there I thought Alaska was serious when she said her Pokemon would be a good food source if...
  17. Re: So, am I officially a nerd now?

    It's the truth!

    ...I think most of us on Pokemon forums are pretty nerdy.
    Welcome to the forums anyway!
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    Poll: Re: How much do you swear?

    I really don't swear...99% of the time. I am not perfect, though.

    Many of my friends do. Meh, whatever.

    Remember, children, your mother wouldn't want you to swear, and you kind of owe her...
  19. Poll: Re: Can you name every Pokémon/Do you know every Pokémon by their names?

    Pretty much the same with me. I could give you the name and usually the typing. Still working on gen 5 though.

    I also had the national dex numbers memorized, back when there weren't really that...
  20. Sticky: Poll: Re: How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

    17. Got into it at age 5 and never lost interest. I didn't start playing the games until I was 11 or 12, though.

    Hehe, I may have to grow older, but I will never truly grow up ^_^

    Last year...
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    Re: How much do you LOVE pokemon?


    I mean, it's not like I play the games all the time...I don't watch the anime all that often...I haven't bought new cards in a while...and I haven't read the manga.

    But I read/write...
  22. TEEN: Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Chapter Three

    Aside from the odd spelling error, your story is really good. Not only is it an unique twist on the average journeyfic, you also provided us with excellent, memorable characters. I especially like...
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    Re: Chapter Length

    Glad someone posted this topic; I had the same question. The fics here are so short in length, at least from what I've seen.

    So I'm not sure how to answer. You may lose potential readers if your...
  24. Thread: Hi

    by MasqueradeOfSilence

    Re: Hi


    I'm...sort of new as well.
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    Re: Friendship With Pokemon

    Same as you, actually. :D
    And thank you. People think they're so mature when they go on about using their Pokemon as tools because caring about them is simply below their dignity. Really, the...
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