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    MATURE: Re: Poison Touch v2.0

    Well, it took me four months, but I finally got around to reading Chapter 2!

    Things sure escalated quickly! Its interesting to see an interpretation of the Pokémon World where firearms exist and...
  2. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 21 - Pokémon League, Destroyed] (SEASON 2 FINALE!) [7/29/14]

    Episode 21 - Pokémon League, Destroyed (SEASON 2 FINALE!)

    Shania resigns as Champion of the Munia League in hopes of protecting the Elite Four from STAMP.

    Millions watch on TV as the...
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    ATTENTION: Re: Summer Awards 2014 Winners List!

    Gosh! I'm so honored! I certainly wasn't expecting this!

    Congrats to all the entries, all the readers, and the community so vibrant that there were so many worthy works that it took a great deal...
  4. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 20 - The Champion - Imprisoned] [7/12/14]

    Episode 20 - The Champion - Imprisoned

    Champion Shania surrenders to the police, who stage a mock-arrest to protect her from Shaw.

    Police help Shania escape STAMP organization’s corrupt...
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    TEEN: Eating an Espeon

    "Off page violence", but as the title implies, this isn't a pleasant piece.


    The roasted Espeon is served with asparagus and mashed potatoes,...
  6. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 19 - Shania, Champion of Munia] [5/28/14]

    Episode 19 - Shania, Champion of Munia

    STAMP’s coup of the Munia Region’s Pokémon League begins.

    Champion Shania and her Pokémon prepare to fight as hundreds of police surround their home.
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    TEEN: Re: A Da Vinci Smile (III)

    Well, this has been open in my browser in a tab waiting for me to read it, having never even taken a glance at this user's writing before, and I have to say it was quite a treat. The opening with the...
  8. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 18 - March of the Titans] [5/23/14]

    Episode 18 - March of the Titans

    Champion Shania discovers a plot sinister unfolding within the Pokémon League.

    Shania prepares to address the public of the Munia Region on her revelation.
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    MATURE: Re: Poison Touch v2.0

    Just jumped into Chapter 1.

    Yeah Orre! The use of a region that's not as thoroughly developed as other canon regions gives you a lot of room for creativity while not explicitly contradiction...
  10. TEEN: Re: Stainless Steel: or, Steven Stone's Adventures in Hoenn (2)

    Another thing I forgot to mention, somehow I just find "assembling supplies and running off to be independent/have an adventure" scenes fun too, so good going, even if it was a pretty obvious thing...
  11. TEEN: Re: Stainless Steel: or, Steven Stone's Adventures in Hoenn (2)

    I just had a blast reading Chapter 1!

    Your story moved nice and quickly in this chapter and though we didn't spend much time at Steven's mansion feel like a got a good sense of his life there and...
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    EVERYONE: Re: Vivillon Writes Poems

    I haven't been able to come around here and read for a while, so this thread was like a bright little light drawing me over.

    I'm glad I dropped in here, and the little poems were a joy to read!...
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    Poll: Re: How old are you, readers?

    Me? I'm 26!
  14. Re: Temporary Pokémon Center to open in Paris: The store will only be open during the

    Hopefully there isn't a blackout in Paris that ruins everything.
  15. TEEN: Wind & Rain [UPDATE] [4/15/14]

    Dear readers of Wind and Rain.

    As you may have noticed, the updates which I scheduled to take place bi-weekly have become sporadic and unreliable.

    Due to the extreme workload from work and...
  16. TEEN: Re: Wind & Rain [Episode 17: Kodai's Secret Weapon!] [3/16/14]

    Thanks for the response dude, and thanks to you and all the others for reading! Hopefully I can continue to make the villain and his plot continuously engaging and enraging!

    For full disclosure's...
  17. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 17: Kodai's Secret Weapon!] [3/16/14]

    Author note: Sorry for the "mid season break", now back to the present!

    Episode 17 - Kodai’s Secret Weapon

    Kodai’s evil plan enters its next phase, he reveals a secret weapon.
  18. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 16: Here's Merzie! - Part 2: Team Quasar Attacks!]

    Episode 16 - Here's Merzie! - Part 2: Team Quasar Attacks!

    10 years ago, the evil Team Quasar attempts to kidnap the Dragonair of Lake Mantioch!

    Cruise, Cary, Chase, and their Pokémon come...
  19. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 15: Here's Merzie! - Part 1]

    Episode 15 - Here's Merzie! - Part 1

    The action shifts to ten years ago, when Cruise, Shania, and Chase were children on their first Pokémon journey.

    They meet a little tiny Dratini in the...
  20. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 14: The Myth of Munia]

    Episode 14 - The Myth of Munia

    (AUTHOR's NOTE: Sorry this is two days late. I lost access to BOTH my computer, AND the internet)

    Champion Shania enlists her secretary to investigate the...
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    Re: Fanfic Announcement Thread

    I've just kicked off Season 2 of my experimental Teleplay formated fic, Wind and Rain, which will begin with Episode 13.

    The bulk of this episode revolves around the Champion of the Munia Pokémon...
  22. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Episode 13: Sounding the False Alarm]

    Episode 13 - Sounding the False Alarm

    Cruise's newly evolved Pokémon, having survived their ordeal, are reunited in the forest in Far Island.

    Champion Shania holds a televised press...
  23. TEEN: Wind & Rain [Season 2 coming January 1, 2014!!!]

    Wind & Rain - Complete Season 1 Zip Folder

    PDFs All 12 Episodes of Wind & Rain's first season (plus the maps) in a single Zip File

  24. Re: When characters are "out of character" and it makes sense

    I think putting characters in new situations, particularly ones not at all seen in canon, give writers a certain amount of leeway in making a character established in canon act in new ways. Even if...
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    Re: Fanfic Announcement Thread

    I just posted Episode 12 of my Wind & Rain project. Wind & Rain has already been in progress for a few months, but I'm announcing it now because the 12th episode marks the completion of the first...
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