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    Re: Saddest goodbye in the anime?

    honestly, the only goodbye (if you can call it that) that really had me almost bawling was Lucario's in movie 8, don't know if that counts. Other than that, TRio leaving behind Arbok and Weezing...
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    PREVIEW: Re: Upcoming Summer Camp arc

    please keep Xerneas a mystery. In my mind he's like Johto's Suicune and I love how that was handled. Let that silhouette in the picture be one of his only appearances I beg you.
  3. PREVIEW: Re: XY029: "Ta-da! Fake Satoshi Appears!!"

    i would be okay with this if James was Serena. looks like he isn't. i am not okay with this.
  4. REVIEW: Re: SS029: "~ Pocket Monsters XY Special Episode: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act I

    man, some people should press charges against these guys for all the property damage, lawsuit culture would go a long way in the pokemon universe

    good episode, good animation, besides my usual...
  5. PREVIEW: Re: BW: Iris VS Ibuki! The Road to Becoming a Dragon Master!!

    it's now fashionable to give main characters a personalised ho-oh
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    Poll: PREVIEW: Re: Movie 17: The Cocoon of Destruction

    this solidifies my opinion that mega evolutions look way better in their anime forms than in the games.

    now watch them try to fit some semblance of a plot into this moneygrab
  7. REVIEW: Re: XY018: "Wake Up Kabigon! Battle in Parfum Palace!!"

    That applies to everyone else too, y'know.[/QUOTE]

    I think the gripe is more with their role as unnecessary additional antagonists, given that the main antagonist was already defeated their...
  8. Re: What references to older sagas would you like to see in XY?

    I'd like to see Sceptile in action again. But yeah, getting more of a general feed of continuity to at least show how Ash has been affected by his journeys and all would be pretty good.

    edit: and...
  9. PREVIEW: Re: XY019 - Madame X's Plot! The Scary Calamanero!!

    Ash and Meowth tho
  10. Re: March 2014 CoroCoro issue unveils Rock/Fairy-type Pokémon Diancie: Will be featur

    Possibly the same as Suicune had with the bug Pokemon in Johto? ie it was a sort of 'leader figure' but not related to them by evolution. Or maybe it's even closer than that, or it doesn't exist at...
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    DISCUSSION: Re: Advanced Generation as a saga

    (I am talking about the dub.)

    I often feel as much (if not more) nostalgia for the advanced generation as I grew up playing generation 3 games (and the red/green remakes rather than the...
  12. REVIEW: Re: S17 ep04 "A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!"

    whoever writes TR's dialogue should have been fired by now, seriously. It's literally so bad it's insulting. James occasionally did a deeper and more posh voice in this episode which more matched...
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    Re: Is Will, of the Elite Four, gay?

    ^ yup.

    disappointed that so many in this thread think 'feminine' expression = gay. anyway:

    a hundred times this. i've literally always thought he was gay.
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    Poll: Re: Mega Charizard: X vs. Y

    X, because it looks cool and actually changes its type. when i heard that you could mega evolve at any time during the battle, and use it strategically, i expected there to be some actual strategy to...
  15. REVIEW: Re: XY0014: "The Mysterious Rain Shelter! Nyasper is Watching!!"

    a TR motto that isn't stock footage? when was the last time that happened?
  16. REVIEW: Re: S17 ep01 "Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!"

    man if TPCI's dub writing wasn't so terrible I'd have gotten used to it a while ago, but it's still just awkwardly translated Japanese (but I don't wanna go into a 4kids comparison argument, it's my...
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    Poll: PREVIEW: Re: Movie 17: The Cocoon of Destruction

    The promo poster with Xerneas and Yveltal facing each other angrily must not look promising then.[/QUOTE]

    it's more along the lines of 'incredibly banal'
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    Poll: PREVIEW: Re: Movie 17: The Cocoon of Destruction

    i watched the lucario movie the other day. Man what i wouldn't give to see another movie like that instead of this constant big pokemon smash big pokemon shit.
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    Re: Team Flare's portrayal

    personally i find the idea of Team Rocket infiltrating Team Flare with double agents simply awesome. More kudos if Flare grunts are goofy and the double agents are the TRio, that way you get a...
  20. REVIEW: Re: XY012: "Capture the Pokémon Buyer! The Kofuurai Impersonation Plan!!"

    XY began with really cool camera angles for shots, I thought that was gonna become some trademark for this gen's animation, but I see that was probably just for show for the first few episodes. Now...
  21. Re: Would the show's quality improve if old characters were brought back?

    it wouldn't improve if older characters were brought back necessarily, but it would benefit from not bringing new characters in so often - assuming the writing quality is good. The writing quality's...
  22. Re: Team Rocket: Goofy Villians, or Dangerous Villians?

    I really dislike the either/or, 100% goofy or 100% villainous distinction. Ultimately my issue with them doesn't lie in serious or goofy, it lies in how they are characterised. XY's done it better...
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    PREVIEW: Re: XY?:Mega Evolution Tournament

    nah, they might have been a prominent feature of the games, but the anime is certainly showing mega evolution as mysterious, or at least only in the hands of special characters. They'd have a high...
  24. Re: Is TPCI trying to replicate the 4kids days?

    I think the 'pandering' to the first generation is maybe more of a genuine attempt at arousing fascination in newer generation kids, who would be pretty familiar with or have started from gen 4, 5 or...
  25. Poll: Re: Do you prefer subbed or dubbed episodes?

    Dub for Kanto-Hoenn, sub (if I can find it) for BF - present. Sure, I'm one of the people still hung up about the dub actors change, but that's because needless cuts and inaccurate dubbing or not,...
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