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    Sticky: FAQ: Re: LEGIT MEW OR NOT?????????

    Correct. Anything using an Action Replay or a Gameshark or whatever isn't legit. You're using an outside source manufactured by a third party company to alter the game in a way Nintendo and Gamefreak...
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    Re: What was best?

    I liked Sapphire better, as it was the one I got first and Kyogre is a beast. Yeah Groudon is really good too, but Kyogre is widely agreed upon to be one of the best Pokemon. Plus I caught a pink...
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    Re: Remembering Whitney's Miltank

    Well see, what happened was, in Gen II, I fought Whitney, and I lost to her Miltank. Then I went and trained a bit. Then I fought Whitney again, and I lost to her Miltank. Then I went a trained a...
  4. Re: So...Whats the the chances for VC pokemon games?

    For all the people saying "Yeah but they should change this this and this," I love your optimism, but give me one example of when Nintendo has changed anything for a virtual console game. They're too...
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    Poll: Re: Least favorite pokemon game?

    For the people saying they don't like RBY as much, I ask them to judge them relative to their time. By today's standards, yeah they kinda suck, but for 1996 they were amazing. Blue is easily one of...
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    Poll: Re: THE Toughest Choice

    Water for a couple reasons.

    From a strictly competitive standpoint, Water is hands-down the best choice. Fire has too many common weaknesses, and Grass isn't good against anything that you...
  7. Re: Is a Nintendo made easy Pokemon game maker feasible profitable and a good idea?

    I like your idea. However, I don't think it's anything Nintendo would ever consider. If kids can get online and download a new region and story anytime they want, it would severely detract the demand...
  8. Re: Speculation: Anyone else want an MMORPG Pokrmon Style

    I think it would be very possible to make Pokemon into a good MMORPG. Likely, considering how stupid Nintendo is sometimes, probably not. Although if they did the following, I'll be willing to bet it...
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    Re: Dream starter

    I always thought it would be cool if they introduced a new triangle, for instance a Dark, Psychic and Fighting set of starters, something to that effect. With the Dark pokemon having an immunity...
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    Re: anyone expecting PMD3?

    I haven't played any PMD since blue version, and I liked it quite a bit at the time, I even banded with a few people on gamefaqs to make a proboard forum for rescue requests. We were the "Dark Dragon...
  11. Poll: Re: Do you think Splash will ever get an effect?

    If splash ever gets an effect, then Magikarp will cease to be the most hilarious Pokemon. And we can't have that.
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    Re: Most playing time on a Pokemon game

    I've got something upwards of 200 hours on my Sapphire, although my White version isn't too far off.
  13. Re: Stupidest nickname you ever gave to a Pokemon

    In my Blue version I think? when I was probably 6 or 7 I named by Butterfree Hitmonchan. Because I was all like, "Hey, when I battle my brother with the link cable (lol link cables, '90s ftw) he'll...
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    Poll: Re: Hardest Gym Leader?

    Overall, I'd have to say the gym leader that ever gave me the most grief was Whitney, Goldenrod Gym, Gen II. Freakin Miltank, man. You pretty much have to go get a machop or something for that fight,...
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    Re: What starter did you pick and why?

    I picked Oshawott not because I think he's awesome, but because I wasn't going to use any of them in my team. None of which are that great, but Snivy is probably the coolest.

    Past generations have...
  16. Re: Your ideal regional dex - how would you go about it?

    Pretty much what has already been said; I'd mostly try to balance the more common types at least (water, fire, grass, electric, rock, ground, etc.) One thing I absolutely hated about Sinnoh is that,...
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    Poll: Re: VG Weekly Poll #4: Do you EV Train?

    I pretty much agree with TwistedSpoon. I kinda wish I hadn't ever learned of EV training. At first I thought it was a dumb concept and I wouldn't ever do it, then my brother started doing it and I...
  18. Poll: Re: Which Games do you own a Physical Copy of?

    Since probably '98 I guess, I was 6, I've acquired Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Ruby, LeafGreen, Emerald, Pearl, Soul Silver, and White in that order. So at least one of every generation, I...
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