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  1. Re: The Pokémon Company Lays Down The Law On Cheaters

    If you get DQ'd in a tournament for hack check most likely you really didn't check hard enough or did your research, because with websites like Pokecheck you can now do a full analysis if a certain...
  2. Re: What youtube video did you watch last?
    Enough said.
  3. Re: Theorymonning: What if this Pokemon had...?

    What if Escavalier got Drill Run

    I mean Claydol freaking gets it, why not Escavalier.
  4. Re: Battle Center Discussion #6 - Garchomp

    It's interesting that I'm actually writing an article for Garchomp as of now.
  5. Re: Moves you think a Pokemon should have.

    Give Metagross Fire Punch, so it can actually DO something to Scizor.
  6. Re: Am I the only one around here who...

    Any respectable player should plan out their EV spreads and teams, but a whole lot of testing is required before you even think about going out into the field of battle. For example, putting a Scizor...
  7. Re: What trivial thing in the Pokémon games drives you crazy?

    How Will-o-Wisp and Dragon Rush have the same accuracy, but the latter ALWAYS misses.
  8. Re: Legendary Pokemon you've caught without Master Balls

    Hmm, let's see...

    -Crystal Suicune in a Great Ball
    -Kyogre in a Nest Ball
    -Registeel in a Poke Ball
    -Uxie and Azelf in Poke Balls
    -HGSS Suicune in a Poke Ball
    -Kyurem in a Quick Ball
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    Re: Community Battle Videos

    This thread has a severe lack of Doubles matches.

    So yes, this was a battle I had at the Autumn Friendly two weeks ago, probably one of the closest matches I've ever had.

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    Re: Does Gender Matter?

    I actually do cherish Pokemon that are very rare to be female, such as Eevee and the starters.

    Other than that, who gives a crap.
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    Re: If you worked for GF...

    Add a way to see EVs and IVs better and to explain them well in-game.

    Seriously, a vague "Its potential is outstanding!" doesn't help at all.
  12. I've been improving, I think

    Hello, everyone, it's The Knights of Wario Land, or just TKOWL for short. I don't visit this site very often as I am usually on Smogon a bit more.

    One of my main hobbies and passions is art, as I...
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    Re: VGC 2012 RMT

    That's why I have Metagross.

    Just because three of my mons are weak to Ice, there is nothing besides Scarfed Abomasnow's Blizzard that gives me trouble, and Metagross and Rotom will sponge it...
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    Re: VGC 2012 RMT

    Dude, Walrein can't honestly do jack squat to my team.

    In fact, he can't do jack squat to my team.

    And to answer the question about the shinies, I get all of my Pokemon RNG'd, so having...
  15. Re: Do you think the Pokémon franchise has become unpredictable?

    Well, as someone who thought Gen 4 was a bit on the unoriginal side (nothing really stood out for me at all, it really just felt the same as Gen 3), I absolutely adore GF being unpredictable. Like,...
  16. Re: Why do people hate on different Generations?

    It's all about the nostalgia.

    Plus I find that arguing with Gen Whunners is hopeless, because you can't argue with fools. They tell me to respect their opinion and then the next second they're...
  17. Re: Have you ever hated a character or pokemon because of their fans?

    I used to be a HUGE fan of Scrafty, but after seeing rise to a whole ton of sh*tty FCs of Scrafty and it generally being very overrated, I eventually even had to get RID of my Scrafty and Scraggy FCs...
  18. Re: Why does everyone think Gen V is ending???

    It's all because everyone on the internet is paranoid every second.

    5th Gen isn't ending any time soon, there's still so much stuff that hasn't been released.
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    VGC 2012 RMT

    C/pasted from Smogon because I want to see your guys' opinions on the team:

    Hello, this is The Knights of Wario Land, here bringing yet another VGC RMT.

    You might or might not remember that...
  20. Re: The Official Pokémon Black 2/White 2 (Read FIRST Post before posting!)

    This only makes that Target distribution of Lucario all that more pointless.
  21. Re: Leaked document reveals upcoming games: Title list proves old consoles never die

    I'd buy Pokemon+Tony Hawk in a heartbeat.
  22. Re: UK Video Game Championships qualifier winner disqualified: Play! Pokémon manager

    Smogon's going absolutely crazy over this, and I love it.
  23. Re: Oha Suta reveals second teaser trailer for M15: 'Meloetta's Glittery Recital' pre

    This trailer.

    This trailer.



    Excuse me as I go pick up my face which melted off with happiness.
  24. Re: Distribution of Generation III Pokémon set for March, April, May in Japan: ...

    ...and Black and White 2 are coming out instead.

    Bad timing much?
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    Re: Random Images V2
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