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  1. Re: Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire announced: Will be released November 2

    As you can see by my "Hoenn confirmed!" icon, I'm really excited for this!

    It's about time this happened. Seriously! We get a (in retrospect, completely unneccessary) fifth generation, then a...
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    Re: Have you ever quit Pokemon?

    I was a very loyal fan from Generation 1 to Generation 3. Around 2005 or so, my interest in Pokemon gradually faded, since I was getting into Sonic (and still love Sonic just as much). I was playing...
  3. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP29 "Crowning the Scalchop King!"

    This wasn't a great episode, nor was it a terrible episode.

    I thought Team Rocket were highly amusing in this episode; I was surprised at how far Meowth got into the contest, and I always enjoy...
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    Re: Episodes that you can't stand to watch

    I honestly enjoyed (or at least tolerated) most the filler episodes in Johto, but a few of them were unbearably dull.

    For instance, "The Whistle Stop". The plot was really boring and predictable,...
  5. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP28 "Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witeness!"

    Now that you've pointed it out, I can't unsee it, either! :lol:

    The parts where Cilan encounters Mrs. Ripple's Purrlion were so cute and funny. I especially liked when it landed in his arms. I...
  6. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP26 "Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!"

    Agreed 100%.
    When I heard Porter introduce himself and then Ash called him Parker, I had to rewind to make sure I hadn't misheard anything. I personally like "Parker" better. Is Porter even a name...
  7. Re: Description of Pokemon and canon characters: Necessary?

    When it comes to Pokemon, I think it can go either way. I usually don't give Pokemon descriptions in my fanfics except for if the appearance of said Pokemon is supposed to be dramatic or otherwise...
  8. Re: Am I the only one who finds writing battles boring?

    I used to find writing battles boring, but now I don't.

    For instance, in my first fanfic Nimbasa Sunrise, (which is based loosely on the Ferris Wheel scene in Pokemon Black/White but told from...
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    REVIEW: Re: S16 EP27 "Danger, Sweet as Honey!"

    I've always enjoyed these kind of episodes: Ash and co. and Team Rocket (and their Pokemon) get lost somewhere and have to work together to find their way back. I liked that Ash's Pikachu didn't...
  10. Re: What are your favourite 'filler' episodes?

    Where No Togepi has Gone Before is the first one that comes to mind; that episode was honestly one of the weirdest episodes in the entire anime, and it was a nice change to see an evil (and highly...
  11. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP24 "Team Plasma and the Awakening Ceremony! "

    In retrospect, I was kind of surprised they didn't do any kind of Charizard vs. Reshiram battle either (or a Charizard and Dragonite vs. Reshiram battle, which would probably have better odds),...
  12. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP25 "What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!"

    I was expecting to be let down, as the anime usually has pretty anticlimactic ways of ending things, but I wasn't. I actually really enjoyed this episode, and I'll be sad to see the N saga end. On...
  13. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP22 "Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! "

    I noticed that. I think they did that with the following episode's description as well.
  14. Poll: Re: Ash's Traveling Companions: What if he gets a Female-Version of Brock?

    That would be just hilarious; if that's how it would happen, I really want Serena/Yvonne to appear as a travelling companion. :D
  15. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP23 "Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!"

    The part where N took the Light Stone (which is a lot bigger than I picture it being in-game) was awesome. Wow, he can really move! It was also touching how when Ash fell into the ruins, N ran back...
  16. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP22 "Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! "

    That would be pretty cool to see Ash and co. team up with Team Rocket. I can't even recall the last time that happened outside of a movie. Team Rocket actually had a clever plan for once; it's nice...
  17. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP21 "Secrets From Out of the Fog!"

    I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. I was worried that the anime wouldn't touch upon N's backstory at all (especially since this arc is loosely adapted from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2), but...
  18. Re: Do all these gimmicky stunts that Best Wishes! keeps pulling seem desperate to yo

    I'm almost positive this vocal minority of this area of the fanbase challenges the whole Sonic fandom in sheer numbers of unpleaseableness. [/QUOTE]

    As a Sonic fan, I can attest to that. :uhoh:...
  19. Poll: Re: Are you happy they replace characters?

    I agree completely. As much as I like Brock, I'm glad he was replaced. I was really starting to get tired of him by DP.
    Likewise with Misty at the end of Johto. I like Misty more than Brock, but by...
  20. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP20 "Team Plasma's Pokémon Manipulation!"

    I liked this episode, but I liked the last episode better. This one was a little slow in the beginning, but once they found the Haxorus, things picked up.

    I laughed when Aldith's Liepard...
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    REVIEW: Re: S16 E19 "Flames of a Red-Hot Reunion!"

    Wow, seven pages of posts... O_o

    Liza Ortiz. She's had several roles for CotDs and recurring characters, like Mars from Team Galactic.[/QUOTE]

    I thought that was Lisa Ortiz the moment I...
  22. Re: Would Hugh alone could've been better than Cameron and Virgil together?

    I don't particularly like Hugh as an in-game rival (I find his character rather dull), but I think he might be interesting in the anime, or would've been interesting to see in the Unova League; truth...
  23. Re: Were all of Tobias Pokémon "legendary" in his team or did he have "normal" ones t

    I like to think that the rest of his team were non-legendary, but high-leveled and very powerful Pokemon. How else would he have caught two legendaries?

    Call me crazy, but (as highly unlikely this...
  24. Re: Aspects That OS Trumps Other Sagas In

    + Ash, Misty and Brock had the best chemistry of any of the groups, especially in Kanto.
    +For whatever reason the characters of the day were more interesting (it's been a good decade since...
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    Re: Who is Ash Ketchum?

    Ash is to Pokemon as Mickey Mouse is to Disney cartoons or Mario is to Super Mario Bros. He's the straight man to the characters around him, who are generally more interesting than he is, yet somehow...
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