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    ATTENTION: Re: New Social Groups Owners Needed

    I would like to claim the Dethklok Fanclub
  2. RULES: Re: Introducing The Bulbagarden Board of Appeals

    Ok thanks for clearing that all up. And thanks for listening to my input too! The wording is a lot better now. I'm glad users and staff alike are able to review policies together. And I have high...
  3. RULES: Re: Introducing The Bulbagarden Board of Appeals

    Are there going to especially be preventative measures taken if a staff member decides to appeal against another staff member?

    Also my comments on the appeal form-

    This sounds way too...
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    RULES: Re: Upcoming infraction system reform

    The rules may look intimidating but they really aren't. The staff is laid back and doesn't hand out infractions like candy. As long as people stay out of trouble and behave civilly there's no need to...
  5. Re: The GDS

    Moving this to the Shop section. Just make sure to sign up here before posting.
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    Sticky: Re: The (In)Complete List of Shippers - V8

    ShieldMateshipping- Samuel (Brandon's assistant)/Maria (temple maiden in the anime.)
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    Sticky: Re: Simple Q&A Artist Alcove Edition

    You can only post your own art. If you want to show people the art in your DA group from others you can just link to the group in general. As long as you don't post other pics than your own in a...
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    Re: How do you name your Pokemon?

    I usually name my Pokemon with whatever name comes to mind. Somewhat to suit their personality and design. I also occasionally name them after characters from shows and such, fitting the characters...
  9. Poll: Re: Bulbagarden!: Season Two

    I look foward to seeing it! Especially since you said it was long and complex.
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    Re: Sketches Of My Pokemon White Team.

    I really like Zeus but the balls of steel are a bit inappropriate. Nothing serious, just be careful with that.
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    Re: My new signature.

    Nice! Did you draw Deoxys yourself? I like the blur effect you put on it.
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    Re: Sketches Of My Pokemon White Team.

    Those are really cute. I like how expressive they all are, they look like they have a personality of their own.
  13. Re: Some Pokemon fanart and fakemon~

    Wow I have to say I love your choices of medium. Your Fakemon are also fantastic. I'm terrible with traditional art compared to working with Photoshop. And your Fakemon evolutions for exisiting...
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    Re: Rikki's Stuff

    That's some amazing stuff you got there. I like your style, it's quite different in a good way. There's no problem with drawing curvy females, especially since many artists draw said females as...
  15. Re: First steps into the future score high: Bulbanews review - Pokémon Black and Whit

    All you have to do is hit X and the menu will appear on the touch screen. Yeah HGSS did manage the touch screen better but having to hit an extra button isn't game breaking for me. Though I do miss...
  16. Re: First steps into the future score high: Bulbanews review - Pokémon Black and Whit

    What may have been problems for you may have not been problems for Jacob. Just because he chose not to mention those issues you had with B/W doesn't mean the review was all praise. Not everyone...
  17. Re: Unconfirmed: Black and White may be the only Generation V titles: Mana Ibe denies

    For all we know the translation could have meant there was nothing planned for the near future. Also maybe there will be but Mana Ibe isn't legally able to leak out any potential information that...
  18. Poll: Re: Bulbagarden!: Season Two

    Sweet! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
  19. Poll: Re: Bulbagarden!: Season Two

    HAH I love my line!
  20. Sticky: Poll: Re: Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    I mentioned this awhile back, but I've hit a block for a ship name for Samuel (Brandon's assistant) and Maria (Snowpoint Temple maiden from the anime.)

    Is there a ship for Ash's Pidgeot and Ash's...
  21. Re: A possible idea for an art trade program

    That's exactly how I was invisioning it. Perhaps a monthy thing where two members sign up and randomly paired by the mods.
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    Re: ~Lumina's Drawing & GFX Gallery~

    Very impressive, I can't figure out which one is my favorite. You're good with coloring. I like how vibrant and lively your pictures are.

    And you did well with PK's coloring tutorial. My first...
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    Re: Setting Up Shop for the First Time

    Those look really good! It's nice to see different types of medium being used in the fandom.

    I saw you signed up at the Artisan's Gallery. You are good to go with setting up a thread.
  24. Re: A possible idea for an art trade program

    Art battling would be unfair- we want artists to work together, not compete. It could also get out of hand easily.

    I'm going to sit down and see what I can do with ideas.
  25. Re: A possible idea for an art trade program

    Those are all amazing ideas! That was pretty much what I had in mind for this program. Let's see what others say.
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