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    Re: What do you want in Gen 6?

    Here's a list of all of the stuff that I want in the new Pokémon X/Y games.

    Fairy-types to take double damage against Poison and Steel moves
    Fairy-types to be immune to Dragon...
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    Poll: Re: New Type or Alterations to Type Chart?

    New Type: Fairy

    No idea what it's weaknesses/resistances/immunities could be though.
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    Pokémon Reorchestrated

    So I've done a search on this and it seems like there isn't a thread about this project yet, which is odd seeing how this project will be released in just a couple days.

    Anyways, for about three...
  4. Re: What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    That would be the FMA movie, Conquerors of Shamballa.
  5. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Who had the more annoying catchphrase; Iris or Dawn?

    Yes, this exactly. While it's not exactly hypocritical per se, she is calling Ash a "kid" when she herself seems to be even younger than Ash (her exact age I don't know, unless it was announced...
  6. Re: Junichi Masuda reveals information on N: Game Freak director gains attention of f

    Interesting. Is the the first time any developer or major figure has released notes to a certain character? I find it odd that Masuda has taken time to do something like this, but that probably has...
  7. SPECIAL: Re: Overall honest opinions of Pokemon Adventures/Special

    I've read the first book online, but stopped after that because I would MUCH rather buy actual copies and read them from a physical book. Otherwise the whole experience is just so diminished. I did...
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    Re: What's your coffee order?

    Just black. I hate the taste when I add anything at all into it (milk, sugar, cream, etc.).
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    Poll: Re: Generation skipping

    Generation I isn't up there?

    I skipped Gen I because my parents deemed Pokémon as satanic when I was younger, but they got over it and I was able to start playing the games starting at Generation...
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    Re: Little Things about Health

    ...Wow, this is interesting timing...

    Actually I was sick earlier today. I'm a new college student, and my parents give me a monthly "allowance" in order to pay for things like my rent, utilities,...
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    Poll: Re: Does Gender matter to you?

    Yes, because it will drive my obsessive compulsion disorder crazy if I have a mixed gender Pokémon team.
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    Sticky: FAQ: Re: List of Pokemon and their EVs?

    Here is a list you might find useful.

    Category:Generation V Pokémon - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
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    Re: Would you love Pokemon forever and ever?

    Yes; forever yes.

    Also I'm going for a degree in Real-Time Interactive Simulation. With a bit of luck, I could get a job with Nintendo. Unfortunately Nintendo does not make the games, but at least...
  14. Re: Little Siblings Beginning to Play Pokémon?

    Just for fun, you should show them Red/Blue version and have them play it for a bit and see what they say and think. :'D
  15. Re: What was the last anime you watched before posting in this thread?

    I watched Hetalia, episode 49.
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    Re: Your choice in a Pokemon Race?

    I'd pick Arcanine and have it spam ExtremeSpeed.
  17. Poll: Re: Raising Pokemon compared to the games and the anime

    Actually traveling like they do in the anime.

    I choose this because the other option, how it would work in the game, just screams "easy button" to me. Honestly, I think they speed things up in the...
  18. Re: What do you hope DOESN'T happen in the Best Wishes series?

    I also hope that Ash doesn't keep his "new appearance". While canonistically he is still ten, I really liked how his appearance seemed to "get older" so to speak. Compare how the first season's Ash...
  19. Re: What do you hope DOESN'T happen in the Best Wishes series?

    Sometimes I really, really hate Word of God.

    And as for my list, Ambipom666 summed it up pretty nicely.
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    Re: I am Nocturnal.

    Welcome to Bulbagarden Nocturnal!
  21. Thread: Random Images

    by MageLeif

    Re: Random Images

    Ayup. I believe this is from Electric Tale of Pikachu.
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    Re: Where are you now?

    Second floor of our house, in my bedroom. 1:15 AM so I'm going to go to sleep now. :0
  23. Re: Personality & Development: Misty's Psyduck: Reviewing the characterization of ani

    Two Pokémon I did not like were Psyduck and Togepi. The only reason though, is because they offered some Deus ex Machina moments; which is one of my most despised tropes (Chaste Hero is a close...
  24. Re: Caption the avatar above (related to caption the scene).

    I'm going to eat your soul; and I'm going to love it.
  25. Re: Do any bulbagardeners keep your pokemon gaming secret from friends?

    I gloat about it on Facebook (somewhat exaggerated, but not by much), and if any of my "friends" try to heckle me about it, I go back at them with one of a million different responses I have that are...
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