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    Re: Mega charizard Y vs Mega charizard X

    Well, Alain's MCharizard X would resist any Fire moves Ash wanted to use, but Ash's Charizard does know Dragon Tail for some super-effective damage. It really could go either way, but overall I could...
  2. Re: What balls did you use to capture the legendary pokémon?

    Adding Entei in Repeat Ball. Wanted another color match, but ran out of Repeat Balls on the first try. I re-started, then went out and bought like 30 more of them just to catch it in that specific...
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    Re: Did ORAS do Wally justice?

    I think ORAS did do Wally justice to some extent. He's much more memorable here than he was in Emerald, imo and I really like how we saw more of his progression. I could see the transformation of his...
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    Sticky: Re: ORAS Trainer Travelog

    I finally won every Master Rank Contest and got the Contest Star Ribbon with an adorable Bunnelby I traded over today from my X file named Atlas. Tough and cool were probably the easiest with access...
  5. Sticky: REVIEW: Re: XY053: "Serena Gets Serious! The Wild Skiddo Race!!"

    Nice episode with Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont being the main source of entertainment for me.

    First of all, proposal gag. Every time see Bonnie do this, I always feel like its been a while since...
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    Poll: Re: Pseudo Legendary Showdown!

    I vote Salamence because it's the most amazing Pokemon ever. Cool design, nice stats, less cool but alright megalution, Salamence is perfect. The rest follow in the order of Garchomp, Tyranitar,...
  7. Re: Would you like Jessie to compete in Tripokalon Competitions like Serena and Shaun

    I don't at all. I didn't like her in contests and I don't like her here. I wanted a main girl to have a competition related goal without Jessie interfering for once, but it doesn't look like that'll...
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    Re: Usage of 5 PP Moves in-game

    I use them quite often and tend to buy them from stores whenever I get the chance if they'll be useful for one of my Pokemon, but usually my issue is most of them having low accuracy. In OR, I bought...
  9. Poll: Re: least favorite crime syndicate in the main canon?

    Team Plasma. Their motives were completely idiotic and hypocritical, their leader's overall true goal was pathetic in comparison to other leaders imo, and I just see no appeal in N. Overall they...
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    Re: Opinion of Gates to Infinity?

    I honestly did not like GTI much at all compared to the past Mystery Dungeon games. The story confused (and bored) the hell out of me and it just seemed to jump from one thing to the next without...
  11. Re: What balls did you use to capture the legendary pokémon?

    These are the ones I have so far

    Groudon-Master Ball (I was filming the scene on my phone for memories so I completely forgot to save before engaging the thing so I ended up Master Balling it....
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    Poll: Re: Favorite Electric type

    It's tough, I like a lot of electric-types, but I think I'm going with Luxray. It's pretty nostalgic for me, as Shinx was the very first Pokemon I ever caught. Also, it's based on lions which are my...
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    Sticky: Re: S17 ep 48 "A Campus Reunion!"

    Ah, another episode to add to the list of Clemont episodes I love. (Which would be all of them so far.)

    First of all, I think it's safe to say that Clemont is a child prodigy. The dude has been...
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    Re: Is Pokemon getting too easy?

    I'm of the unpopular opinion who doesn't think XY were as super easy as most claim them to be. (Actually, I don't think any game was super easy, but I'll just focus on the recent ones) I used EXP....
  15. REVIEW: Re: XY052: "Ninja Art Showdown! Gekogashira VS Gamenodesu!!"

    I think this was a pretty good one.

    I always like seeing Ash take the time to do some training, but I just don’t like how recently he only chooses like one or two to train rather than having them...
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    SPOILERS: Re: there anyone who DIDN'T like Zinnia?

    Quite frankly, I hate Zinnia. She just seemed like such a major troll and total annoyance. She'd come out of no where and start talking about some random stuff and then either steal a key stone or do...
  17. Re: Favourite Pokemon Game that wasn't Main Series

    The original Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games were my first and are my favorite Pokemon games of all time. Love the ability to play as a Pokemon and make your own team, love the story, love everything....
  18. Poll: Re: Your favourite nurse Pokemon through the series?

    Wigglytuff for no other reason than that I find it the cutest of the 3.
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    Re: Changing Battle Reuirements

    While I do find it odd that non-water-types are shown battling while standing on water, I don't think it should be changed. It would kind of force everyone to catch a water-type (or maybe, possibly a...
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    Re: Favorite game soundtrack?

    Most Sonic games with Sonic Adventure being my favorite. Shadow the Hedgehog, Unleashed, and Black Knight are other top favorites.
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    Poll: Re: TRUMPETS (or the ORAS Music Thread)

    I thought all of the music was good. Wally's theme is probably my favorite and what I'd consider the most memorable. The ending/credits is a close second.
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    Re: S17 ep 47 "Dreaming A Performer's Dream!"

    Ah, the episode a lot people had been waiting for. Serena's first capture!

    Why is Chespin so eager to be brushed? Since when was that a thing? Anyway, I was surprised to see Shauna make a return...
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    Re: Don't care if it's gone.

    come on guys stunfisk is awesome

    and diggersby, to a slightly lesser extent, but stunfisk moreso and I didn't feel the need to quote more than two people

    Meh, on the bright side, stantler is...
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    Re: Contest Spectacular! Research Thread

    I finally beat Lisia yesterday:) It probably took me over 7 tries after changing my Walrein's moveset to high point awarding beauty moves, giving him the blue scarf, and all out memorization of each...
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    Sticky: Re: ORAS Trainer Travelog

    I finally defeated Lisia! My Walrein just narrowly beat her in a Beauty contest! I've been trying this for days, I'm so happy!
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