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    Re: The Shiny Encounters Thread

    I got a shiny Espurr in a Friend Safari after only 14 encounters or so, it only took like five minutes, I was so happy! Now I'm onto finding a shiny Inkay! I need to find someone with a friend safari...
  2. Sticky: Re: Pokémon X/Y Friend Safari/Code Sharing Thread **READ THE OP**

    I'm desperate for a Safari with Inkay in it Q _ Q Anyone got one who isn't on the spreadsheet?
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    Re: Which Pokemon will be in your team?

    Mudkip will definitely be my started, I started with one in my first playthrough of Ruby; I'll probably also go for a Gardevoir and Flygon, Gardevoir being one of my favourite Pokémon and Flygon...
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    Re: lack of legendary pokemon in xy

    It struck me as odd that there was no legendary trio (new for this generation). I loved the inclusion of Mewtwo, but it did feel like the legendaries were lacking, until we found out about the hidden...
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    SPECULATION: Re: A Berry Fun Thread

    I'd love to see the locations of all the berry trees return, though there's no reason why they wouldn't include them in the first place. The flower shop could probably sell the items that help...
  6. SPECULATION: Re: Which Gym Leader / Elite 4 Are You Most Excited To Battle Again?

    Wallace, Sidney (if only because Dark type!!), Steven, Glacia, Winona, and Tate & Liz.
  7. Re: Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire announced: Will be released November 2

    I'm so excited. I didn't think we'd get the R/S remake this soon.
  8. Re: Nintendo Direct announces Celebi distribution: Will be available for those who ac

    I love Celebi, there's been so few events for it I'm excited to be able to get one. It's so cute, probably one of my favourite legendaries. Will be downloading PokéBank as soon as it's upped in the...
  9. Thread: Pokemon Bank

    by Takoto

    Re: Pokemon Bank

    I've been seeing a lot of people on other forums who managed to get the JP Pokébank and Pokétransfer software saying that blatantly hacked Pokémon got through the Pokébank hack checker and onto their...
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    Re: How do you organize your storage boxes?

    By Type, then I have boxes for frequent party members, Pokémon I need to train, unhatched eggs, legendary Pokémon, and shiny Pokémon- the rest are used to store hatching/breeding failures before I...
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    Re: Favorite Champion?

    I love all the Champions a fair bit. I really love Lance, Steven and Iris though. Lance and Iris are awesome Dragon trainers, and Steven is just really cool in general. They all have awesome designs....
  12. Re: What Pokemon would you change (their type/evolution) ?

    groans I always thought that Dragonite should be a separate Pokémon from Dratini/Dragonair, I think Dragonite is real cute but it doesn't fit in too well with the aesthetic of the first two. Or...
  13. Re: What's the BEST pokemon you've ever traded on Wonder Trade?

    I trained up a bunch of Medicham's and traded them all away on Wonder Trade. Medicham's my favourite fighting type and I just kinda felt like it.
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    Re: The Shiny Encounters Thread

    Awesome! Guess you used the chain fishing method for Octillery? That's how I got a shiny Skrelp, which is one of my faves.[/QUOTE]

    Actually, I didn't, I found it in a friend Safari. I'm useless at...
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    Re: The Bragging Thread!

    Uh yeah so on top of those two, before I went to bed, I also found a shiny Ponyta. I've never been so lucky with shinies! I guess they're just way easier to get in this game...
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    Re: The Shiny Encounters Thread

    Managed to get my first shiny- actually my first two shinies, of this generation today! A Muk and an Octillery- Octillery is one of my favourite Pokémon, so I'm super happy.
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    Re: The Bragging Thread!

    Ran into two shiny Pokémon today- the first, a Muk, whilst I was on the train, my first shiny of X/Y, so I was damn happy! And just an hour ago, I ran into shiny Octillery- Octillery being one of my...
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    Re: Do you like flowers?

    I do, but it depends on the colour mainly, and for some the shape also. I love lavender and lilacs a fair bit.
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    Re: Hitoshi Ariga's Contribution to Pokemon X/Y

    Ahh, he designed my favourite Pokémon line this generation; Malamar/Inkay. I really love cephalopods, they're a broad type of sea creature which hasn't been seen too much in Pokémon, and he picked...
  20. Re: Mysterious silhouette appears on Game Freak's website: Unknown if Pokémon related

    Interested to see what this'll turn out to be, "is about to be reborn thanks to a surprising collaboration" makes me think it's going to be a crossover with another game or franchise as oppose to...
  21. FAQ: Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinite Labyrinth

    The game names are badass.
    Shame it wasn't related to the old Colosseum/XD, but Mystery Dungeon is cool too. Though I'm a little bleh they're not using sprites any-more.
  22. Re: Takoto's Art. Thread V2. I need more feedback! :D

    Art upderp


    DeviantArt Ver. | Tumblr Ver. | Pixiv Ver.

    There's a Keldeo event in the UK!!
    Keldeo is...
  23. Re: Takoto's Art. Thread V2. I need more feedback! :D

    Art update

    Above two are for a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fanbook! u wu
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    Re: the raeging lesbian's art thread.

    That's adorable~
  25. Re: Takoto's Art. Thread V2. I need more feedback! :D


    A mix of Pokémon, Ponies, Yuri and Monster girls.
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