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  1. Re: Will Jessie manage to earn 3 Princess keys?

    Well Musashi did win two ribbons in small unrelated scenes in Shinou so it's possible that if the twerps get very busy with Flare stuff and the TRio have a minimal role in that (which I somehow doubt...
  2. Re: Will Jessie manage to earn 3 Princess keys?

    If Jessie does win 3 keys, all of her victories will probably be shown on screen. Jessie is a main character after all.

    Also, when I think about it, Serena is bound to lose the next Showcase:
  3. Will Jessie manage to earn 3 Princess keys?

    I think there were a lot of people (including myself) who expected Jessie to win the Anistar Showcase. Now that she didn't, I thought it would be good to at least speculate whether she'll win a key...
  4. PREVIEW: Re: XY090: The Happy Dance Comes After the Quiz!? The Hyakkoku TriPokalon Tournament!

    So hyped for this. If Jessie wins, it will be even better.

    Also, Shauna seems to be doing the same thing she did last time with the whole Fairy Wind dancing thing.
  5. Re: Will Anthea, Concordia and N appear again?

    And I know You are such a kid is from Iris which I hope she didn't appear again now and in future too however the thing that I didn't understand is "they'd be shoved aside in favor of" ?[/QUOTE]
  6. These 3 characters already had their stories...

    These 3 characters already had their stories unfold in Episode N and their chapter has ended. There's no need to create extra conflict for N since the biggest conflict with TP and Reshiram was...
  7. PREVIEW: Re: XY081: The Pumpjin Festival! Farewell, Bakeccha!?

    Looks like Inkaychu will be appearing.
  8. REVIEW: Re: XY079: Tairenar and Yancham!! A Captivating Fiery Performance!!

    After checking the screenshots at, I'm even more disapointed by the way Jessie was handled, because she got the least amount of votes. Shallow Kalosian smh.

    The real MVP is the dog nosed...
  9. REVIEW: Re: XY079: Tairenar and Yancham!! A Captivating Fiery Performance!!

    A really good episode, but the results felt a little exaggerated.

    Serena's performance was boring until Braixen jumping on Pancham's Stone Edge and using her fire stick, which visually looked...
  10. Re: Does anyone think May will return to the anime when they feature ORAS?

    There is plenty of ORAS promotion going on in the anime already. We have Ash's man rival Scottie and the Mega Evolution specials II and III focused on Hoenn.

    And May's Japanese VA is another big...
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    Sticky: Re: Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    There is just no chance of Fletchinder staying unevolved. It will evolve. It's the pattern and it won't be broken in XY. Besides, Fletchinder's only chance of being in the spotlight all alone is...
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    Sticky: Re: Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    Although I mostly agree with Kyriaki's post above, it should be noted that Mamoswine was mainly a Mamoswine because of Gen4 cross evo promotion and it was mostly used in the battle rounds. Dawn...
  13. PREVIEW: Re: XY078: Fierce Battle in the Monster Ball Factory! Pikachu VS Nyarth!!

    Based on the preview, looks like this episode will be fun to watch. The PokeBall factory looks exactly like in the games.

    I expect some quality TR comedy in this episode.

    OMG unpainted PokeBalls
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    REVIEW: Re: XY076: The Wind, the Egg and Onbat!

    This was a really nice episode. Almost everyone trying to warm the egg (I guess) and Fletchinder helping them was an interesting way to avoid the boring 'Hey it's hatching let's leave it on the...
  15. PREVIEW: Re: XY079: Tairenar and Yancham!! The Captivating Fiery Performance!!


    Miette trying to sabotage Serena? Or a TR scheme?

    Whatever it is, I'm positive that this is going to be Serena's first showcase victory.

    Also waiting for Miette's Round 2...
  16. PREVIEW: Re: XY077: The Pokémon Sky Relay Challenge! Fly, Onbat!!

    It can happen and it will be interesting to watch Noibat's struggle after the relay, but seeing how rushed things are in the recent series (BW and kinda XY) I can see Noibat overcoming the...
  17. PREVIEW: Re: XY074: Laverre Gym Battle! The Beautiful Fairy Trap!!

    I hope Ash loses this match so he can have time to learn about Fairy types.
    Maybe have Serena's Showcase and a few more episodes in which he is eager to learn the weaknesses of the Fairy types.
  18. REVIEW: Re: XY070: Conclusion! Goodra, Go Over the Rainbow!!

    I'm amazed at the posts above mine and the people that prefer a straightforward story rather than a story with twists.

    So what if Ash released Goodra!? The story was good and Goomy didn't leave...
  19. PREVIEW: Re: XY070: Conclusion! Goodra, Go Over the Rainbow!!

    Such a "Goodbye guys!" looking shot.
  20. PREVIEW: Re: XY068: The Coveted Mega Evolution! Gaburias's Bonds!!

    Yes it is. Serena is with her new design.
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    Re: Luminose City Arc/Plot Speculation

    You probably got it right, but...
    Serena is 99% winning the next Showcase. I had forgotten about Nini, hopefully she does compete against Serena.
  22. REVIEW: Re: XY060: Aim to be the Kalos Queen! Serena Makes her Debut!!

    Yeah, now that the subs are out, the episode got even more interesting and Serena's Kalos Queen dream even more likely to happen.
    I'm only gonna write about Yashio since I agree with most of the...
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    PREVIEW: Re: Movie 18: The Archdjinn of Rings: Hoopa

    I believe it's the item that is used to change Hoopa's from.
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    REVIEW: Re: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

    Couldn't watch the movie :/ Can someone say how long was it. Was it like the BW movies or they actually made a 80-90 min movie.
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    Sticky: Re: Pokémon Evolution/Capture/Release Thread

    The image doesn't look fake :) which is nice. I was not expecting Fennekin to evolve. Treecko is probably going to Serena (May - Squirtle, Bulbasaur; Dawn - Cyndaquil). I was expecting her to get a...
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