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    What game do you hate the most?

    It could be the Game that's made you rage or a Game that is actually over a piece of garbage that you wasted money on any game that you regret playing or made you want to stop playing, maybe there...
  2. What are your oc's and how did you come up with them?

    It doesn't matter if its a Trainer or a Pokemon Any Oc that you've created. describe your oc and how you came up with it/them
  3. [Theory/Opinion] what do you THINK the humans in the pokemon universe eat?

    What's your theory/opinion about what the people in the pokemon universe eat? I've always wondered because you see a hint once or twice about eating pokemon but its never actually officially...
  4. Re: What does your username mean to you and why do you use it?

    My favorite pokemon type is Grass So I was thinking of a cool trainer name for a grass monotype and I came up with Moss and I use it for everything now
  5. Thread: Pokemon Monotypes

    by Moss

    Pokemon Monotypes

    Why Don't people do mono types more often it makes the game a lot more challenging and fun instead of having to worry about covering your types on your team.
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