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  1. Re: Will Ash still be the main character in Generation VI?

    Isn't it said somewhere that the anime will come to an end when Ash wins a regional league tournament??

    If that's the case, I wish they'd find a way to keep him from doing that, while...
  2. Poll: Re: Looking back, How would you rate the Unova league arc?

    I haven't seen all of it, but from what I've seen...

    The battle with Kenyan/Stephan looks promising. Aside from that, all I know is that he lost to Kotetsu/Cameron and then he went on to lose to...
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    Re: Do you think Ash/Satoshi should be replaced?

    Watching Ash has gotten progressively boring for me...It's like, in BW they tried to do things to refresh his character...
    Give him multiple rivals, but they weren't interesting to me.
    Gave him all...
  4. Re: Does the 4 moves limit exist in the anime?

    What about Dr. Abby and her Joanie (Delcatty) from AG?
    It was shown using Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Solarbeam, Iron Tail (as a skitty) and Safeguard. All of those moves were shown in that one episode,...
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    Re: Misty making a return?

    I would certainly welcome a comeback from Misty in BW2...She's actually involved with the World Tournament in the games, and it would tie in nicely as a continuation of her goal in the anime.
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    NEWS: Re: AG airing on boomarang now!!!!

    Ah, AG is one of my favorite sagas next to Master Quest...Watching it again makes me miss TR's old team here: Seviper, Dustox, Cacnea, Chimecho...
  7. Re: Does the Best Wishes trio truely have the best chemistry?

    I think they have the best chemistry since the AG quartet.
  8. Poll: CONTEST: Re: Who do you think is the biggest stalker from the Pokemon series?

    Gotta be Team Rocket...they've been around longer than Brock swooning over women with their non-stop attempts to capture Pikachu.
  9. Re: Do you think the writers are doing enough with Iris?

    I wouldn't say that they would automatically make Iris a champion suddenly during her run on the show just because she becomes the champion in the games. That would indeed be too big of a stretch,...
  10. Re: Do you think the writers are doing enough with Iris?

    I haven't watched Best Wishes in a while, so I can't really speak for how her development has been handled since...around the Battle Club tournament...However, with the revelations of Iris being the...
  11. Re: Could Misty/Kasumi become one of the elite four?

    That's her game counterpart though :P With that logic the RBY Rival is evidence that Shigeru would have become a Champion and we know how that worked out. I don't see how that makes the odds of...
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    Re: Will CONTESTS ever make a comeback?

    Sure, contests COULD come back...probably...if they ever did RS remakes I suppose, but I think the question really is if the writers would have them come back to stay and...if they think viewers...
  13. Re: How come Ash's friends interfere in battles?

    Because there has to be people on the sidelines who play the role of the "spectators". Like in a chemical reaction, they are the spectator ions. They don't directly participate in the reaction, they...
  14. Re: Will we ever have a mono-type trainer on the cast again?

    Well, let's not jump to conclusions by saying that they'll NEVER do it again. I'd just say that it's highly unlikely. With regard to how mono-type trainers are properly defined, Misty wasn't a pure...
  15. Re: Will we ever have a mono-type trainer on the cast again?

    Awww...cute...When you think about it that way, they were truly Misty's mascot pokemon...
  16. Re: Does Iris have the potential for another series?

    How does she remind you of Max? He was an annoying little brat with NO pokemon to promote who served no other purposes outside of being a navigator (which rendered Brock irrelevant in that field)...
  17. Re: Will we ever have a mono-type trainer on the cast again?

    Are you talking about Psyduck? Because I don't remember Psyduck ever using an effective water or normal type attack. The bulk of Psyduck's attacks were Psychic attacks.
  18. Re: Does Iris have the potential for another series?

    How is this? Is it because he's voiced by a popular VA in Japan? Or is it because he's a fan favorite? Not trying to make this about Cilan, but compared to Iris I don't see how he has so much more...
  19. Re: Does Cilan have the potential to travel with Ash for multiple sagas?

    Anything beyond a filler arc, no. IMO, Cilan is only here to promote Unova and perhaps a potential filler saga like stated before...Cilan is an interesting character with unique traits and he does...
  20. Re: Does Iris have the potential for another series?

    Just a note, they kept Brock for OVER 8 years...and that made absolutely no sense...They could've brought a character like Cilan in AG honestly...

    But back to Iris, she as well as Cilan are only...
  21. REVIEW: Re: BW 062 "Bachuru, Dentula! The Electric Rock Cave!!" Review Thread

    This was a very nice episode...There was a lot going on in it...So, Team Rocket was stealing stones to create a new energy? And it seems like the Joltik/Denchura use those rocks to store electricity...
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    Re: Negaishipping - Ash/Iris

    Ah, thank you! I just wanted to put that out there...I like Pokeshipping, but this is also a nice pairing as well...A lot of people say Iris disrespects Ash and doesn't respect his abilities as a...
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    Re: Negaishipping - Ash/Iris

    I don't know if it's allowed to still post in this thread, but I just wanted to say...that I support this pairing!!
  24. Re: Do you think the writers are doing enough with Iris?

    If by the grace of Arceus that she somehow manages to get a Haxorus by the end of BW (or her run, depending on how long she'll stay) I can't see why people would take her seriously as a Dragon...
  25. Re: Do you find Bel to be an interesting rival?

    Hmm...As a character, she has something to work with...She's ditzy, unorganized, and rather messy...And those are a few traits taken from her game character that she's displayed...A very cheerful,...
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