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    I'm okay with their being fewer new pokemon. A lot of the designs are well made, and I'd rather have fewer but well designed pokemon than tons of badly designed filler pokemon that I'm never going to...
  2. Thread: Mega Evolution

    by Tjd78

    Poll: Re: Mega Evolution Discussion

    I really like the concept of mega evolutions, but I'm not a fan of some of the designs. Its not that I find them "tacky" like some people have said(the only one I think is tacky is lucario) I just...
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    SPOILERS: Re: Rumour Discussion and Speculation

    The reason people believe that another eeveelution will be announced is because every generation thats introduced new eeveelutions, introduced two, not just one. Also I agree on the chips thing,...
  4. Sticky: Re: Simple Questions and Answers Thread for BST! (Read First Post)

    This is a dumb question but what exactly does it mean for a pokemon to be banned? I understand that it means that they cannot be used, but what exactly can't they be used for? I read some of the...
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    Poll: Re: What will you get: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y

    I wanted to get Y, but my older brother is getting Y(for the same reason I wanted it:Yveltal) But seeing that he can be a complete D!ck at times he's making me get X so we have different versions,...
  6. Re: What is the most annoying thing that can happen in pokemon games(Excluding glitch

    This is why they should give you pokeballs from the begining, so you don't run into a oh, I don't know, a shiny pidgey when your getting oaks damn package from the poke mart in viridian city!
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    Poll: SPOILERS: Re: Starter Discussion and Speculation

    I think I'm gonna pick froakie, but I need to see the final forms. I wish I didn't have to spoil it, but did anybody who picked oshawott expect samurott to look like, well.... samurott?

    As for...
  8. Poll: Re: Have you ever completed a Pokémon game with all three starters in your party?

    I was replaying diamond, and since I had just restarted heartgold also, I thought "Why don't I trade over all three Johto starters to diamond. So I kept restarting HG and sending them over. It was...
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    Re: Your first shiny. How? when? where?

    My first shiny was a floatzel in diamond. It was in victory road, and other than that I have caught two more shinies: a geodude in leafgreen, and a sandshrew in sapphire.
  10. Thread: Pawniard eggs

    by Tjd78

    Pawniard eggs

    I decide that I wanted to start breeding so I bred some Pawniard. The Father was a Toxicroak that was from a Japanese game so these Pawniard do have an increased chance of being shiny. I also passed...
  11. Re: What is your favorite and least favorite starter Pokemon

    Alright I'm listing these by their entire lines, not just individual evolutions

    Favorite: cyndaquil, I know a lot of people say its also their favorite but I just like the design of it and its...
  12. Re: Was the first Pokemon game you played your favorite?

    Nostalgia plays a big role in this, but while my first was really silver my favorite,and what I consider to be my real first one is sapphire. The reason i consider it my first is because I never beat...
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    Re: Retconning Pokémon

    Honestly, people can argue about it all day long for all I care but at the end of the day gardevoir doesn't make any sense. I have nothing wrong with there being a feminine pokemon that is both...
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    Re: Your "YES!" moments

    This happened only a month ago. I was playing sapphire when i caught a cacnea. After catching this cacnea I challenged Norman, who then proceeded to kill my cacnea. In a fit of rage I shouted FU$&...
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    Re: Your first shiny. How? when? where?

    My luck is decent with shiny pokemon. Other than gyrados II have caught a shiny floatzel, a shiny geodude, a shiny sandshrew, and a shiny kyurem. Oh and the geodude and sandshrew are now golem and...
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    Re: Insane asking prices at the GTS

    That is pretty annoying when people do this but in the end I have two event arceus' (one from diamond, one from platnium) so I can get level one dialga, palkia, and giratina whenever I feel like it....
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    Re: Official CoroCoro Discussion Thread (LAST UPDATE: 2/11/13 | NEW EEVEELUTION!)

    I was hoping it would be a little cooler than this. Definitly not getting this for my team. But looking on the bright side this means we could have the possibility of getting an eevee early in the...
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    Re: Am I the only one around here who...

    I'm pretty sure you aren't I always have wanted to at least. Am I the only person to use a venomoth on the...
  19. Re: What was your team the first time you ever beat the E4?

    My first game was sapphire but I beat leafgreen first my team was (i think) venasaur, venomoth, articuno, nidoqueen, slowbro, and golem I think. Yeah real champions on that team.
  20. Re: What was your favorite part of playing previous games?

    Definitely playing FR/LG with my older brother. He had fire red and I had leafgreen, to this day he always brings up how he beat the elite four first if i ever say i'm better than him. I also loved...
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    Re: The "Is My Pokémon Hacked?" Thread

    I prefer to use legit pokemon on my team so is this one hacked: Name: porygon-z, OT: Shiro, ID: 42314, Lv: 100 while it seems hacked (it' s also shiny) the one thing throwing me...
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    Re: Have you ever ditched your Starter?

    I don't see why you would want to anyway. I mean try beating brock in FR/LG with some birds, rats, and bugs, hell even charmander learns metal claw.
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    Re: Pokemon you've always wanted to use but haven't

    aerodactyl. you get it way to late into the game in leafgreen. But i' m starting to use it by leavimg it at the day care
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    Re: Ever had that one Pokemon.....

    I generally just evolve my pokemon (they can't stay little forever!) But I hate evolving omanyte. omastar used to creep me out so much when I was young that when it's page came up in an old pokemon...
  25. Re: Have you ever spent a long time looking for one Pokemon?

    Spent two hours looking for dragonair in the leaf green safari zone. At what think is a 1 percent rate I found it and caught it which made me shout YES!!!!!!! I also spent an hour looking for seadra...
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