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    Re: Xenoblade Chronicles X

    I’m excited for this game. I got to finish Xenoblade Chronicles first before I give this a try.

    If not the best game ever. At least that’s my opinion though.
  2. Re: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread - Spider-Man is in the MCU!

    I want to point out something about Spider-Man being in Civil War: It’s not that necessary. Part of the reason I say that it because this isn’t about some Superhero Registration, but more about the...
  3. Re: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread - Spider-Man is in the MCU!

    It’s nice to see that Marvel and Sony finally reach an agreement.

    The only thing I don’t like is that several good movies get moved back for Spider-Man to show up.

    Hopefully, Marvel can make...
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    Re: Next dub opening?

    Another bad opening theme to me. Ever since the 10th opening, none of openings have been that great. Opening 17 is the only good one because its a another version of the original opening. I think...
  5. Re: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    I think somebody inside Marvel is working for Hydra, got their hands on the trailer, and was told by their superior to leak it.

    As for the trailer, I WANT TO SEE THE MOVIE NOW!!
  6. Re: Naruto Manga ending next month (November)

    I wish Naruto could have gone on for just one more week just because of personal reasons. Hopefully Naruto VS Sasuke ends soon enough that the story can finally wrap up before the movie.
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    Re: US actor Robin Williams found dead

    I heard about this on the CBS Evening News as it was finishing on Monday night. It took me a little bit to process it because I was thinking it was some other guy. Life might never be the same...
  8. Re: All your base are belong to us (Secret Bases)

    I'm just glad that Secret Bases are back. Plus, they are going to look a bit cooler in 3D, but the flat layout was nice too.
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    Re: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Release Dates!

    If they had released these games three days before (Tuesday the 18th), I'd be jumping for joy. If they had released this games two days before (Wednesday the 19th), I would be going crazy with...
  10. SPECULATION: Re: "Not a remake of emerald" What will and will not be in ORAS

    I'd really like to see these games keep the Emerald story. Going with the Ruby/Sapphire story would be a bit of a step back since the games seem to follow the same plot (the only difference being the...
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    Poll: SPOILERS: Re: Character Redesigns: Yay or Nay?

    Brandon's look just doesn't sit well with me. His Jacket (I assume that's what that is) looks more like a skin tight t-shirt. May's design doesn't seem to affect me that much. Hopefully...
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    SPECULATION: Re: Amie, Super Training and Hordes?

    I could see hordes returning, but I'm not sure about Super Training or Amie. I wouldn't mind Super-Training returning (at least with new additions maybe) and if Amie returns, they better includes...
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    Re: Which Pokemon will be in your team?

    I think I will do this (using pre-evolved Pokemon names):

    Mudkip (OR)/Treecko (AS)
    Taillow (or some other good flying type)
    Grass-type (OR)/Water-type (AS)
    Unnamed Fire-type
    Unnamed Six...
  14. Poll: Re: Treecko and Mudkip Mega Evolutions? What do you want?

    I would love to see Sceptile and Swampert get a Mega Evolution because I feel that they deserve one. Its not fair that Blaziken gets to have one and and the other two don't.

    I also say that I...
  15. Re: All your base are belong to us (Secret Bases)

    We definitely need the Secret Bases thing to return. I just hope that they give it a little more room to make decorating it more fun. If they don't include it, I know I won't be very happy.
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    Poll: Re: Which version will you buy?

    I'm hoping to get both because my birthday is the same month as when they get released. Either I'm going to have to buy them myself or maybe might parents might (seen I've shown them the new games).
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    Re: Why Alpha and Omega?

    Yeah, it’s possible that Alpha and Omega were just chosen because it would just make sense to follow the pattern that was started with the Kanto remakes.

    You can just barely make out the Omega...
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    Re: New Gym Leaders and Elite 4?

    I hope they keep the order from R/S or Emerald. Heck, they could use the Emerald Gym Leader order and the RS Elite Four order or just do it the other way around.

    If they make changes to the Gym...
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    Re: Worst Cartoon You've Ever Seen?

    I have to agree that Breadwinners in annoying (despite having not watched it). The commercials just make it look stupid and very time one come on, I try and mute it.

    Plus, I do have to agree that...
  20. Re: Pokémon HeartGold & Pokémon SoulSilver: Super Music Collection available on iTune

    Stupid iTunes. So when is Amazon going to be given these Pokémon Super Music collections so that they can sell them.
  21. Re: Pokémon FireRed & Pokémon LeafGreen: Super Music Collection available on iTunes:

    Now only if Nintendo can give Amazon permission to sell these as MP3s, that would be great.
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    Re: In Memoriam: Celebrities

    I heard about Paul Walker's death the night it happened. I liked his character Brian O'Conner from the Fast & Furious franchise. Going to miss both characters.
  23. SPECIAL: Re: November 2013 "Pocket Monsters Special" Review Thread

    So X gets Chespin and I assume Y gets Froakie? I think Fennekin will be with the Z character.

    Also, whats going on besides X being depressed and Team Flare attacking again? I can wait for Coronis...
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    Re: Why do you write fan fiction?

    I'd say I'm just like everyone. I have a creative mind and I want to help express it. That, and I just want to give people something to just sit back and enjoy and not have them criticizing it.

  25. Re: ABC order series of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

    I don't think Coulson will become the Vision, unless they can find a way to do it with removing Coulson from the show.

    Has anybody else been enjoying this series so far? I have been enjoying it....
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