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    Re: Digimon Adventure - Sequel slated for 2015

    Now watch as this gets delayed, just like Sailor Moon Crystal until this summer. >>

    ...I'm kidding. Probably. Delayed or not, a second sequel to Adventure has piqued my interest; given that all we...
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    Re: Your Gaming Backlogs?

    Compared to everyone, my backlog's tiny; it's literally composed of a mere 3 games.
    In any case:

    Ys: Memories of Celceta
    Final Fantasy X HD Remaster
    Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

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    Re: Rate the Anime Opening above you.

    10/10, definitely one of my favourite openings of the Spring 2014 season. Suzuki Konomi (the op's singer) is a wonderful singer imo.
    How about another...
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    Re: The Hoenn Region

    It appears I've been underestimating Mt.Chimney's size all these years if that's what it looks like all the way from Slateport. Also, what's that orange building near the cycling road? The Trick...
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    Re: The Hoenn Region

    Calling it now, that purple fog will be important near the endgame.

    It's still there, just zoom in between Dewford and Slateport.
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    Re: Ancient Devolution?

    I'd say the latter, because the word "regression" caught my interest:

    Kyogre and Groudon's "devolved" states may be akin to Giratina's Origin form - their true forms, in other words.
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    Sticky: Re: CoroCoro Thread

    Hold on, how sure are we that M-Char is belongs to Steven and isn't merely about Mega Evolutions being in the game? Also, if you look closely, Char's level is 100.

    Yes. 12 more to go!
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    Sticky: Re: CoroCoro Thread

    Ah I see, Mega Swampert is meant to be used as a tank; a further increase in Attack, Defences and HP and it'll be an amazing sight. As for the redesigned trainers, I prefer redesigned Aqua and Magma...
  9. Re: The Thieves and the 1000 Pokémon 3DS eShop game revealed: New game to be availabl

    So it's a supplementary game to the movie, then?
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    Re: Which Pokemon will be in your team?

    I honestly don't know, I mean throughout 4 playthroughs of Emerald there's been a lot of mons I've been impressed with. In fact, the only thing I'm certain about is choosing Mudkip, my original...
  11. Sticky: Re: Pokemon Get TV Thread (MOD EDIT: READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING)

    TV Tokyo airs GET TV. As far as I know, Shōko Nakagawa is the only presenter from Smash.
  12. Re: Will they update the Pokedex to include Gen IV-VI Pokemon in Hoenn?

    I suspect that the Hoenn dex will receive the same treatment as the Johto dex in HGSS: same as the originals, but with the addition of a handful of cross-generational relatives. Personally, I'd love...
  13. SPECULATION: Re: Changes to your rival's/Wally's team(s)? Anything you would like see?

    I want Wally to actually have a full team of six when the player encounters him at Victory Road; while we're on the subject, he should really have more than a lv.16 Ralts when he challenges the...
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    Re: Oddity: Compatibility with the Originals?

    Let's say than in Sapphire, an Absol is caught in Route 120. Somewhere down the line, said Absol is migrated to Gen IV, then is brought over to Gen V via Poké Transfer. Now, once brought to Alpha...
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    Re: OR/AS Bold Predictions

    I want the player to go on a space shuttle so they can go to the moon and fight Deoxys.

    The ability to visit the Sevii Islands in ORAS? ...Actually yeah, the inclusion of the Sevii Islands is...
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    Re: Explore A Dramatic New World!

    If anything, I'd say that tagline is marketed towards the kids who weren't born yet when RS originally came out.

    Let's say that there's a 7 year old kid whose first Pokémon games were...
  17. Re: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Gen III remakes) ANNOUNCED

    Another worldwide launch eh? Glad to see they're sticking to that format after XY. I'm curious, compared to FRLG and HGSS' (remember the gold and silver balls?) announcements, how was ORAS'...
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    Re: Rate the Anime Opening above you.

    9/10. Ah yes, one of my favourite anime of 2012. Its ED isn't half bad either.
    Here's another hidden gem. It's called Hitohira and...
  19. Re: E.T. cartridges found in infamous Atari landfill

    After reading a lot of posts on the matter and watching gameplay videos, I can't help but feel sorry for the kids who loved ET when it first came out and bought this game.

    Probably nothing,...
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    Re: Rate the Anime Opening above you.

    7/10 Yeah... Madoka's fandom ruined my perception of the anime so um, sorry mate. pleasedontkillme
    Denou Coil, a well-written, yet underrated anime.
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    Re: How Do You Feel About Fan Service?

    It honestly depends.
    I mean, when an adult character is in a swimsuit (for example) then yeah, I'm all for that; however, when it's constant panty/crotch shots of underage anime girls, I feel like a...
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    Re: Good Anime... Bad Ending

    Blue Exorcist's anime, allow me to elaborate.
    The first half was fairly faithful to the manga, no complaints there. The anime-original second half, on the other hand, was actually somewhat decent,...
  23. Re: I'm new to anime and manga. What should I do?

    Going from your age and overprotective mother, I'll suggest anime without too much "R-Rated" themes.

    Here are my suggestions:

    Aria (the most relaxing anime I've ever seen, a definite...
  24. Re: March 2014 CoroCoro issue unveils Rock/Fairy-type Pokémon Diancie: Will be featur

    ^ Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa were leaked by the same hacker, right? Chances are, the latter two are legit.
  25. Re: Have you ever watched anime subbed and dubbed?

    Dubbed and subbed as in watching one version after another? Apart from a few clips of Sailor Moon and Death Note here and there, I honestly can't say I've watched an anime in both versions.
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