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    Re: Ash's Dream Team

    I'd say these six

    Pikachu(main partner/unevolved powerhouse

    Charizard(powerhouse sweeper)

    Sceptile(speed sweeper)

    Kingler(versatile wallbreaker)
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    Re: So... RS remakes. It's gonna be May?

    Ohoho I see what u did thar!

    Anywho, I don't see why Max and May wouldn't possibly and pontentially make a brief comeback. It would indeed help promote remakes as well as potentially giving us...
  3. Re: So, Is Mewtwo still the world's strongest pokemon?

    In the anime the original Mewtwo should at least be a cut under Arceus but in a proper battle between those two it could go either way. Against all the Dragon type Legends and Kyogre and Groudon,...
  4. PREVIEW: Re: XY013: Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Big Commotion in the Kindergarten!!

    Uh oh. Ash and the frog may be the focus, but Serena might have found her new rival. :p[/QUOTE]

    Now THIS I've got to see![/QUOTE]

    I was hoping that this Premier girl had a crush on Ash. Either...
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    Re: Strange yet Effective Strategies

    I use a Sylveon with a Bold nature with Max Hp and Def with Wish/Heal Bell/Calm Mind/ and most importantly, Draining Kiss. I usually wait til I have a perfect opportunity, then I setup, usually when...
  6. PREVIEW: Re: XY0?? - Froakie VS Frogadier

    Hopefully a Kunoichi perhaps.

    Anywho, I believe this is just another development episode for Froakie. I hope they handle this well. Also he seems to be getting all these episodes to shine, but we...
  7. Poll: Re: Name a trainer that you'd hate to lose to in the anime

    I'd hate to lose against trainers who either mistreat their Pokemon
    or have a mindset that dismisses the bond between trainer and Pokemon as a vital factor for for winning battles. Moreso, I'd hate...
  8. PREVIEW: Re: XY013: Nymphia VS Keromatsu! Big Commotion in the Park!!

    I really hope that this trainer is going to be Ash's rival, though at this point and time I doubt it.

    But I really hope she has a major crush on Ash if she is indeed his rival. This could also...
  9. Poll: Re: Ash's Traveling Companions: What if he gets a Female-Version of Brock?

    This would so be the best thing that could happen in terms of Traveling Companions next series. In terms of falling for Ash, I'd rather a serious female rival fall for him.
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    Re: Big Fans of Cherry?

    I for one like to keep a personal catalogue of all COTDs and similar characters in the anime. Half of the reason I watch the show is to see how vairous COTDs interact with the main characters and the...
  11. REVIEW: Re: S16 EP21 "Secrets From Out of the Fog!"

    This is probably my favorite episode of BW overall. I guess I misjudged Episode N, but this episode gave me hope. The interactions between the twerps an N, Concordia, and Anthea were so mystifying...
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    EVERYONE: Re: Pauls Journeys

    So far the plot is decent. The writing style is okay I guess. So far so good. I guess That is all I have to say for now. Keep it up and you will improve in your writing.
  13. Re: Unfinished or Off-Screen Battles You Wanted To See The Results Of

    I don't remember this, I think Garchomp was recalled or substituted. It made no mention of Garchomp losing to one of Aaron's Pokemon.
  14. Re: Unfinished or Off-Screen Battles You Wanted To See The Results Of

    I thought that they only battled twice, though I would have loved to see who one the last time between Ash and Duplica.
  15. Re: Region Speculation and Discussion Thread

    Did anyone else get a clear look at the Kalos map and notice there is something like Stone Hedge located at the Coastal Part of the Map or is it just me?
  16. Re: If you could have a conversation with Ash what would you talk about?

    I'd ask him one simple question: WANNA BATTLE?!!!

    If he says yes, I'll take him on with a Cloyster, Exeggutor, Arcanine, Nidoking, Golem, and Porygon2(forget the fact that Porygon and Evos are...
  17. Re: Are the CotDs who came far in Unova League strong??

    One thing I found irritating about the Unova League's outcome was that Dino was supposedly able to take Virgil to the limit when even Cameron could barely defeat half his team. Add that to the fact...
  18. Re: Were all of Tobias Pokémon "legendary" in his team or did he have "normal" ones t

    In my honest opinion, I would like to think he had at least 5 if not all 6 legends in his team. My theory/headcannon of his team is as follows.

    Darkrai(Tobias' Signature Mon)
  19. Re: If Rosa was in Best Wishes Season 2 instead of Dawn & Cameron...

    Perhaps though if she were a league rival, I wouldn't like her joining the main cast throughout season 2.
  20. Re: Pokemon Showdown-First Battle on BBG!!

    Awesome battle but i made a mistake in the end, anyways awesome battle you were great.

    Here is a replay for those who want to watch: OU replay: Aoife vs. Ozen - Pok
  21. Pokemon Showdown-First Battle on BBG!!

    I just recently laddered on the smogon server of Pokemon Showdown and currently i am 22 Wins and 10 Losses. Now I just wanna battle without having to worry about my record and ranking and so I...
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    Poll: What is with all this Fairy-Type hype?

    Every where i go on websites and forum discussions pertaining to Pokemon X and Y, the big buzz rolling around is the Fairy-Type. The majority of people have are already acting like the Fairy-Type is...
  23. Re: What happens to arrested villains Pokémon?

    With the way the pokemon anime has portrayed the pokemon world. I will assume all of their pokemon get to some sort of rehab then get put in day cares or something like that, while their trainers end...
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    PREVIEW: Re: M16 "Extreme Speed Genesect"

    If this is true, then I saw Mewtwo being in this movie a 100,000 miles away. Even so, if this is true, SQUEEEEE!!! Mewtwo is back. It's HYPE TIME!!!!
  25. Poll: re: Would you like to see another Pokemon Tournament within Episode N?

    I'd love to see another 16 man tournament filler arc which at least features Cameron and Luke. If only it is very well executed and Ash will get to battle Luke,Cilan,Iris and then Cameron, beat them...
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