New Fan Fic Discussion

New Fan Fic Discussion

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  1. Roulette
    This is a place to post the title and a brief description of your latest fan fic. You can also provide a link to the actual fic if you want. I think it would be a good place to advertise your fic without getting the negative flak for doing so in other places. If anyone opposes this discussion, feel free to remove it. Seemed like a good idea.
  2. Roulette
    Ok, I guess I'll go first. I just released a one shot last night titled 'Origins: Giovanni'.

    It's about how Giovanni was molded and formed into the man he is in the modern pokeverse. It documents his birth, childhood, and teenage years all the way up to the formation of Team Rocket. Check it out in the Writer's Workshop if you're interested :)
  3. Skitty-chan
    Um, I have a fanfic up, I guess. Just one: the Poke project. Unfortuantly, I may abandon it. I'm not sure why just that I might.

    Well anyway: It's about Pokemon in a futre like setting, but people believe pokemon are bad. This kid, Kenny, ends up with a pokemon by accident and it looks into his 'adventure'. I guess. :P
  4. boondockArtist
    I have a story up called taking flight. It is about a hummingbird named Humment that got his wing broke by a dog and the events that follow it here's the link:
    Taking Flight Chapter 9 going to college
  5. Sapphire
    It's called "Silver Night"...It takes place in Isshu...The two main characters are Ryu Kyoto and Nicole(Nikki)...
  6. -Gray-

    My new fic, The Nightmare War. It's about a boy who gets sucked into a fight between Darkrai and Cresselia, and ends up with the ability to enter and manipulate dreams. Check it out.
  7. ArceusAlpha493
    I have a new fanfic up if anyone would like to read it.

    This is a summary of my story:
    The pokemon world is dying. Will Arceus and his fellow legends make to their new home alive. Could this place called hyrule be what their looking for. Even then new legendaries are born.
    Rated T for some violence and blood

    Here is the linkThe quest of Arceus: journey to a new homworld
  8. Infinity Storm
    Infinity Storm
    im making a fanfic that im going to name Hidden Value. its about a 16 year old pokemon trainer who has 4 badges named Jett(orgin of name is in my blog, check the link at the end of this post to c it) who, in adition to battling, enjoys going into caves and the Sinnoh Underground to search for and excavate rare stnoes and minerals (kinda like Steven Stone from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, And Emerald). His pokemon with him right now are Storm (Male Luxray, His First Pokemon That He Recieved [as a shinx]), Gem [A Female Sableye that he found in the Sinnoh Underground], and Armor [ a Lairon that he found near the Orreburg mines as an arron.] Ive got an idea for the plot but b4 i go any further i wanna get feedback so i can know whether i should continue or not. this is my first fanfic though so plz dont be to harsh.

    so wat do u guys think. this is a condensed version of the info i have come up with so far. the full version is in my blog check the link at the end of this message. thanks.
  9. OverlordRuby
    I have a fic called 'The Molten Gloom', which basically a story describing Flannery's (the gym leader) early teenage years. It will also introduce a new evil team and serve to chronicle the beginnings of other gym leaders. I won't tell which leaders, though, because only chapter 1 has been released, and I don't want to ruin some of the plot. If you want to check it out, just look in the Writer's Workshop.
  10. Hadesiro
    I have begun a pokemon orignal story entitled 'Rutia'.

    It will chronicle the lives of Morrie Caeren and his abnormal Ralts,
    It begins 40+ years after the events of the current pokemon anime.
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