Fanfic IDEA help

Fanfic IDEA help

  1. Jabberjaw
    This is for discussing your IDEAS about fanfics with other people. Is it a good enough idea to write about? It's better to know before you start writing. Here people will tell you what they think about your Fanfic Idea.

    Discussion: What's your idea?
  2. Der_Neuevenmenschen
    I've some new ideas for fics:

    What is Artemis:
    Chronicles the rise of a certain grey-haired Pokemon hunter from a misfit Officer Jenny fostering an urban punk named 'Looker', to becoming a dangerous criminal. Has PikatheftShipping towards the end.

    Fire and Ice:
    Flannery and Lorelei ship it up. 'Nuff said.

    What do you think?
  3. Kutomba
    Flannery and Lorelei? Gawd.
  4. Infinity Storm
    Infinity Storm
    hey i wrote in my blog about my fanfic idea heres a link to it. plz help i have some ideas but i have nowhere near enough to finish it or even rly start on it.
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