Fanfic Discussion: A place to discuss fanfics

Fanfic Discussion: A place to discuss fanfics

  1. Jabberjaw
    Have you read a fanfic you really liked? Do you think other people should read it? Here's the place to do it.

    Write down a short summary of the fanfic you liked and offer it to people as a suggestion.

    RULES: NO suggestion your own fanfic guys... I mean, c'mon.
  2. Flaze
    One of the fanfics I liked it's called "Defiance" and it's written by Kai-Mei

    The fic is about Kyle a Pokemon trainer from Johto that just begun his journey, and things haven't gone well, besides getting the starter he didn't want, a Chikorita, he ends up meeting a girl that's being chased around by a mysterious man, the girl's name is Lu and she's blind but can control aura and as thus has the ability to feel her surroundings but she's still unable to see, just feel when people and objects are closed.

    The fic is very funny an entertaining with a lot of comedy and action that is sure to keep people on their toes, so hope you guys check it out.
  3. Lifestream
    My favorite fanfiction I've read is the Surprising Adventures of a Glaceon in Unova. It's about a Glaceon who lost his relatives as an Eevee and joined Black and his Pokemon to journey around Unova. Based on Pokemon Black and White, it is an incredible fanfiction you should read if you're one of the few people who haven't.
  4. jasonwolf
    glorious news I have finished book 1 of my ten book series!
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