Favorite Dent(o)/Cilan 'Ship

Favorite Dent(o)/Cilan 'Ship

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  1. Kakuna Matata
    Kakuna Matata
    What's yours, if you have one at all?

    Mine's Dento x Tamaki Cafemochashipping (Dento x Ash), but I might become a Wishfulshipper (Dento x Iris) fan down the road.
  2. Elphie
    DentoXGary. That is all.
  3. CommanderPigg
    For now, I definitely support CafeMochaShipping...Dento fanboying over Ash in the pokemon center kinda sealed the deal for me.

    I don't know if I'll support Wishfulshipping. They kinda remind me of a married couple in the way they berate Ash, it's a possibility!
  4. Fletcher.
    CafeMochaShipping, definitely. I think everyone supports that to a degree, haha.

    Also, Exquisiteshipping, because I just ship Thorton with everyone haha.

    WAIT. I was browsing the list. SiphonShipping...Giima and Dent...
    /Imagines Giima being a fancy rich guy and Dento being his butler.
  5. Catspring
    WishfulShipping ftw :P
  6. Tricia
    CafeMochashipping. Oh, god, YESSS. dento was MADE for the yaoi fangirls

    Quote Originally Posted by Kakuna Matata
    Dento x Tamaki
  7. Ashfangirl22
    My favorite is CafeMochashipping, Dento is such an Ash fan boyXD
  8. Elphie


    Maaaaaaybe DentoXSolidad

    And one-sided CafeMochashipping from Dento

    Also, DentoXKurt from Glee
  9. Tricia
    *sigh* Dent's my fandom bicycle (besides Dawn) now.. I pretty much ship him with anyone XD
  10. CommanderPigg
    I think that Dento might slowly become my fandom bicycle as well...he just works too well with everyone.

    Including with Paul and Shooti...I mean, in BW 10, he says that he pretty much says he knows what a rivalry "tastes" like...it's really cute @_@

    Oh, and if you're a CafeMochaShipper, this AMV might interest you:
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