Dento's Childhood/Past

Dento's Childhood/Past

  1. CommanderPigg
    Quick people, feed me headcanons! :O

    Anyways, I'm very curious what you guys think Dento's childhood was like. I mean, someone as fabulous and knowledgeable as him must have had a somewhat exciting past, don't you think?

    Of course, the anime and game canons will be different since they act so differently, but let me try to integrate them a little (with the anime canon being the most predominant in my mind).

    I'd like to think that as a child, Dento was picked on quite a bit because he had strange mannerisms and interests. I could easily see him as being the shy, recluse little nerd who just gets excited over the weirdest things and was that kid in school, ya know? That's what I think his game persona might have displayed, his sensitive awkward side.

    But something changed along the way. Maybe he just realized that it would be better if he was true to himself and not care what others think; maybe his elevated status of a gym leader gave him a confidence boost, I dunno. But he's definitely not a shy little sproutling anymore XD

    To me, he's also the middle child, with Cress being the older, more supportive leader and Chili being the temperamental younger sibling. I can imagine they had a very competitive but loving childhood together~

    So what do you guys think? Do you think (anime) Dento was always confident? What made him want to be a Sommelier? How did he get his battling experience? How did he get along with his brothers? What do you think his early gym battles were like?

  2. Jo The Marten
    Jo The Marten
    I think he and his brothers had a decent relationship. It's like in BW058 when Cilan says that he and his brothers' personalities complement each other. I'm sure they had their fights, but they didn't let them get in the way of their love for each other as brothers. I always thought of Cilan as more of a "by the books" kind of kid. The kind that studied a lot.
  3. Itsuki
    I have a WHOLE EXPLANATION about what happened with them. I will copypaste into spoilers because it is an ENORMOUS ENORMOUS tl;dr but it puts everything about them into perspective.

    so yeah um that's mine :U
  4. Dark Hurricane
    Dark Hurricane
    I thinky you may be onto something. What you all have explained seems like it would fit his back story. XD
    I want to know of Dent's childhood with his bros!! I'm dying to know here!! <( Hopefully they'll show us in the newest Series. I'm tired of waiting... Him and his bros are such awesome characters in the anime.
  5. LegendaryRose
    Well...Cilan was an angel, Cress was in the middle, and Chili was a bit demonic as a child, which explains why Chili likes fire types....Cress is cool like water, which may be due to his name coming from a plant called the watercress....
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