Why do you like him

Why do you like him

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  1. Captain_Kaos
    I like him cause you can talk to him
  2. Durbe
    because we're duelists with "kattobingu".
  3. Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher
    I like that you can stab him, but he's like butter.
  4. Niji
    Awe, thanks you guys :'D !!

    Wait- eh... Kululu...? *Backs away.*
  5. Jistonmyface
    I like him because he's my mom. *mind blown*
  6. Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher
    Peanut butter.
  7. Niji
    Quote Originally Posted by Kululu
    Peanut butter.
    Fans, defend me from this maniac O-O !!
  8. Zima
    I'll protect you, Nasch. XD

    I like her because she is friendly and very fun to talk to. She also has a lot of the same interests as me and seems very easy to get along with. :)
  9. Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher
  10. Niji
    ^^ Well, I have at least one fan who's not out to kill me .

    Thank you :D !!

    ^ Either is fine, as long as ya don't call me 'Girly' :b .
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