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Video Postage

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  1. Chocolate Bones
    Chocolate Bones
  2. Blazing Star
    Blazing Star
    This is Sonic teaching you how to masturbate XD
  3. Cross Poison
    Cross Poison
  4. Mr. Slowpoke
    Mr. Slowpoke
  5. Miar
  6. Mama Luigi
    Mama Luigi
  7. Zhwoobatte
    Zhwoobatte You haven't seen the last of me!!!
  8. SharKing
    Here's one of my favorite videos.

    The King visits (Zelda CD-I ads FTW!)

    It's very sentence-mix-y, so here's a transcript, complete with links!

  9. Mama Luigi
    Mama Luigi
    Oh gawd this new one I just saw.

    Youtube Poop: Gaston and Frollo Get a Life - YouTube
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