Five Favorite Poops?

Five Favorite Poops?

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  1. Moises
    Mine are:
    Ash's Retarded Adventure
    Farming is for Egg-Faces
    Freddie ruins Sam's Life
    Sonic gives some disturbing advice
    Do a Barrel Roll or Die part 1

    Those ones are lolzy. :P How about your's?
  2. new mew
    new mew
    The Mudkips is funny as hell along with:
    The only Youtube Poop of Mama Luigi
    Ash's Retarded adventure
    Spongebob Qeerpants
    And Something about Ash kicking Sandy Cheek's Butt
  3. Mama Luigi
    Mama Luigi
    Project FEY
    Ash's Retarded Adventure
    Luigi Hates Toast
    The Mental Health System Fails Again
    Clumsey Truthful Wholesome Small Mage Koopas
  4. rinkai
    This whole thing is Sonic's fault
    Barry and Ash and Faggotina do stuff in the mysterious Battle Dimension

    Lol, only two. At the moment.
  5. FistOfTheBeastKing
    Ash's Retarded Adventure
    Toys Gone Wild
    Dr. Z Gets A Boner
    The Historically Significant Toiler Paper
    The King
  6. ashfangirl
    Misty Has A Seizure
    Naruto Paints On The Faces Of Evil
    Say The Oath!
    Meta Knight's Bad Day
    Kirby Falls Asleep In Front Of The T.V.
  7. Insanish Danish
    Insanish Danish
    In no particular order:

    King Dedede Inhales a Negative Ion
    Link's on Strike
    Clumsey Truthful Wholesome Small Mage Koopas
    Misty + Purple Hair = Outburst
    The Only Mama Luigi Poop Anyone Has Ever Made
  8. Moises
    All the ones I hadn't see, I watched. XD
  9. Cross Poison
    Cross Poison
    ashs retarded adventure

    super king kart

    dinner blaster

    what is spagetti

    mario kills luigi
  10. Mr. Slowpoke
    Mr. Slowpoke
    -Mario head is allergic to chocolate milk.
    -Mewtwo saves chrismas
    -The only Mama Luigi pokeyman story
    -Spongebob chisled it
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