General Rosario + Vampire Discussion

General Rosario + Vampire Discussion

  1. Kogoro
    Hello everybody, welcome to the General Discussion. Here you can talk about pretty much anything regarding the Rosario + Vampire series, within the BMGf rules of course.

    So, on that note, how about I begin?

    Well, yesterday I finally got volumes 1 - 5 of the Manga, yay! Read them all already, probably going to re-read them later today >_>
  2. Dianna Agron
    I've only read the first part in Shonen Jump. I don't have money for spending...cough Platinum cough...but when I do I plan on buying it.
  3. Kogoro
    Sounds good. It's a great series, and I also have to thank JUMP Magazine for making me want to get the series!

    Volume 6 comes out on April 3 (I believe) So save up! :D

    EDIT (April 27, 2009): Seems my April issue of JUMP says that it came out on March 10th, but Volume 5 says it's available in April. (Well, guess if the JUMP was right, it still didn't make the Vol. 5 lie...)
  4. Dianna Agron
    It is a good series. It's full of monsters! Rawr! And I will save.
  5. Kogoro
    Well, looks like we get to wait for June 2nd for Volume 7 (Though I don't even have Vol 6 yet T_T)
  6. Ino-Chan
    Yeah,It's a good wait till June, but at least then I'd have enough money to buy it.
  7. Kogoro
    Yeah, same. Plus, I guess it will be kinda nice to get 6 & 7 together. More to read at the same time ^_^

    EDIT: Since I would rather not double-post... Got Vol 6 & 7 now, yay!
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