What Did YOU Get Infracted For?

What Did YOU Get Infracted For?

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  1. Lee-Ann
    One, for signature violations. O_o I was still a bit new-ish back then, but I don't blame that, but anyways, with my internet going down, I couldn't get back on to change my sig. I knew it was to big, with the text, and I wanted to check it out....

    What do I get when logging back in? "You have received a warning...." Hate that pop-up. :/

    Other one, minimodding. So helping another one is against the rules? Hmph, I think I like my old forum much better. They at least, let other members help.

    When I saw that pop-up, I was like... "**** this, I really don't care that much now." I was in a really bad mood...

    Archaic called me ''a ------- moron'' after that.
    That really made me upset. Doesn't respect for someone else exist around here?
  2. Morru
    for not following sig rules
  3. yourlilemogirl
    latest one, sig. too big. so i got rid of some words, hopefully that helps >.< i have about 1 infraction per month i've been here O_o
  4. Shadowlord
    I have received two warnings and each time I see it I close my eyes, count to three and relax, I still get frustrated though!

    (they were for double posting..... What's wrong about double posting anyway! , my second one was for off post posting)
  5. Miar
    six points for "soliciting/Illegal Downloads", something I never expected manga scans to be (I looked it over in the rules, and it was never mentioned).

    Weird thing is that I gave 3 links on the same post. Why didn't I get hit for 18 points? Two of them no longer exist on that site, but that came after.

    Whatever, I just took the post down and any related.

    I've also been warned for double posting, which happens out of error (503s or the like). Typically, one of them gets taken down immediately, but there were two times when I just wasn't fast enough.
  6. Poison Master
    Poison Master
    2 double post (1 reply, 1 topic), 2 sig rule violation.
  7. GameCodeTrainer
    I've got an infraction from double posting (a lot back then, don't do it anymore). I got an infraction from bumping my own thread.
  8. Pokémad
    Sig too big. MY INTERNET WAS DOWN!!!!
  9. yourlilemogirl
    finally got the infraction instead of the warning a bit back :/
    Sig. violation - 2pts.

    i thought they meant remove the words! not the image >.<
  10. Blazaking
    I have a few warnings, one major infraction for 'insubordination', and got a 2 pointer for replying to spam.
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