What Did YOU Get Infracted For?

What Did YOU Get Infracted For?

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  1. SharKing
    Title says it all.
  2. Slenderman
    I've had 3... let's see...
  3. Pikachu Boy
    Pikachu Boy
    Off topic :/
  4. Slenderman
    Oh, I have one more! Trolling.
  5. Erdrick
    Double Posting and spam. I WAS JUST EMPHASIZING!!!
  6. Trainer Lisa
    Trainer Lisa
    My older infractions were for "Insubordination" and my recent ones are for "VA Talk". :/

    Of course, the "Insubordination" infractions were for the same thing. I was talking about voice actors in a review thread and got infraction points.

    So yeah...at this rate, I think I'll be banned pretty soon. :/

    Although, it's kind of lame, to be honest. Back when I first joined BMGf in 2003, they didn't have a ban against VA talk. You could actually talk about whatever you wanted in the anime forum, for the most part. And everything was more fun back then, in my opinion.
  7. Steven
    I cannot tell you how much I am with you Lisa! Misty infracted me for it back in November, and I'm sure you saw the uproar in my blog about it, huh? (I was "Darach" back then.)

    The reason they give for not putting up with VA talk is utter laziness.
  8. Blazevoir
    I got infracted for flaming. I also got warnings for spam (non-advertisement) and abuse of reporting system.
  9. Moonlight Umbreon
    Moonlight Umbreon
    Double post.It's my ONLY infraction and infraction point...and it still freaked me out.
  10. Zoe
    10 Ban for agreeing with something wtf??!!?
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