Nightmares about infractions?

Nightmares about infractions?

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  1. AlexandraTheZoroark
    ^ Title says it all. Do you ever get nightmares about getting infractions?

    I'm deathly afraid about getting infractions, and I just had a nightmare about getting an infraction last night o_e
  2. Ivysaur
    Hm... I don't think so.
  3. DarkShadowJake
    Yes. They sneak up at me in the night.
  4. Dr. Haxorus
    Dr. Haxorus
    No, I am not really afraid of infractions, they just bug me a little. No nightmares yet.
  5. Zekurom
    No, but every time I check my email I'm scared of receiving one. >_>
  6. Kayumi
    Every single time I have a PM, I cross my fingers its not a warning/infraction. Same with my email.

    When I got my first infraction and ban, I cried.


    So, yeah. That night I had a Nightmare I was banned forever. :(
  7. Aco
    im such a BK i give infractions nightmares! *Get's infraction for saying this* NOOO *Go's into a corner to cry* lol
  8. SinCosTan
    I have nightmares all the time. It's a part of my mental disorder I guess. I don't think nightmares are common in people with Aspergers Syndrome. The nightmares I have are generally related to something that happened in real life.

    So, yes, I have had nightmares about Infractions and getting banned. I remember when I got banned in November I was outside and I read the message on my phone email. I think I died a little inside.
  9. Glitchitar
    I do. I'm scared I'll get banned. Indefinitely.
  10. Kutomba
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