1. Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki
    Why do you like Misa?

    I like her because she helps me when I have problems!
  2. ~DawnFairy=)~
    As everyone knows I will post...pictures here. hahahaha
  3. Wheatley
    I'm also posting pictures here!!
  4. ~DawnFairy=)~
    I added pictures too lolol

    I like seeing Riku with Mickey....it's nastalgiac to my old Ash crush cuz its like Ash and Pikachu all over again :) XD <3
  5. ~DawnFairy=)~
    A boy hot one AT THAT... and his MOUSE.

    Nuff said.

  6. User_Name
    Pachibakfoon is just so... Pachibakfoon. Hard to explain, really.
  7. Wheatley
    She has a lot of likes that I have as well
  8. Ghetsis-Dennis
    She's like Pinkie Pie. She really makes me feel so happy.
  9. ~DawnFairy=)~
    I like.........tofu chicken.

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