What Do You Not Care About?

What Do You Not Care About?

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  1. The Jean Genie
    The Jean Genie
    Storm as well.

    I'm still butthurt from last year. But god do I want to love, love, LOVE Billy Slater so hard right now for yesterday night.
  2. Phoenicks
    Quote Originally Posted by DragonLordPeter12
    I hate Barack Obama, HES A FUCKING DICTATOR!!
    OMG, I think I love you now. ;)

    So we just make a giant list then?

    -My Science Teacher
    -My online Science homework
    -My Science class
    -When my English teacher tells our class that we all need USB drives so we can turn our homework in if we don't have a physical copy, then when she gives me late credit because I did this, then when she marks me as late when I leave with her permission to print out a copy at the library.
    -Someone who uses ad hominum attacks when they can't win an argument.
    -When someone punks you, and then they never let you forget about it.
    -People who tell you spoilers when you ask them not to.
    -Someone who doesn't leave you the **** alone.
    -My Science Project
    -When a teacher forgets to give you something or forgets to announce it, but expects you to do it anyways.
    -People who ignore everything you say and then attack you for one minor thing you said.
    -Whiners and crybabies.
    -People who complain forever. ;)
  3. woops
    Winner list.
  4. Timmy Tim
    Timmy Tim
    Quote Originally Posted by Dee
    Storm as well.

    I'm still butthurt from last year. But god do I want to love, love, LOVE Billy Slater so hard right now for yesterday night.
    What about in AFL, I'm a Crows fan, so they better beat Collingwood tonight.
  5. The Jean Genie
    The Jean Genie
    I follow the Cats, but my family generally goes for Essendon … and Collingwood.

    Heh, so I'm quite indifferent on the two.
  6. Steven
    I hate people. Plain and simple.
  7. Aetheria
    I hate....
    Gay people
    Cherrim the stupid Pokemon
    Nick Jr.(absolutley hate it;sibling watches it)
    Being sick
    Hannah Montana=idiot(Miley cyrus, who cares:sibling watches this)
    Jonas Brothers=idiots(sibling watches this crap.)
    And other things i don't want to list..........
  8. treeco123
    I hate almost everything apart from my Nintendo DS, Pokemon games, Serebii.net and Serebiiforums.
    One thing I hate more than most things is Justin Bieber(or is it Bidoof or Beaver?) He/it is a f***ing piece of s***.
  9. Sapphire
    Love. YES LOVE. It's upsetting... ):
  10. Kenshi
    Quote Originally Posted by The Jean Genie
    God knows I don't care how many people I offend but whatever.

    I hate Twilight, scene kids, emos, their fucking shitty music that sounds like the singer's balls or whatever have been lopped off like, pretty much Paramore, Tokio Hotel, FOB, MCR and all that other whiny shit, every internet celebrity, /b/, furries (I used to tolerate them, but I discovered ED), people who are obsessed with a celebrity/book/whatever, teenagers who cry about their parents and their life, religion, Manly Sea Eagles, creepy yaoi fangirls, Jeff Hardy, Andrew Symonds, hardcore weeaboos/Japanophiles, Naruto, Death Note, Twilight.

    That's enough for tonight.
    I think I'm in love. :D

    Well, I hate racists, insult-dropping retards (at least do it right!), long-ass books, essays, assignments, class, my nonexistent income, K-pop, celebrities of any kind, overrated comics, noisy bitches who can't go three inches without putting on high heels and manicure, emos, bastard siblings, fangirls, fanboys, bigots, faggots blinded by bullshit religions, and just about anything else that invades my life and personal issues you shouldn't give a fuck about.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet Togekiss
    I hate...
    You don't like growing a pair of bewbs? The only downside seems to be menstruation, but you probably haven't hit it yet.
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