What are you watching?

What are you watching?

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  1. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    Quote Originally Posted by Kakuna Matata
    Indeed. =)

    Spinning tops more important than magical monster cockfights? What nonsense is this?

    Whatever you choose I'm sure it will be entertaining to watch. (Unless it's Johto, then you might have trouble finding an enjoyable filler to view.)
    yeah I'll definately enjoy whatever I watch. I'm leaning on some old team rocket episodes at the moment in season 1.=)

    Also something I found. Not sure how many are aware. Many will probably know that Pokemon.com has Pokemon episodes legitly up. Well they've put up the Pokemon ranger special that's really short based on the beginning of the Pokemon ranger game for those interested who have decent internet connection.=)

    I've watched it and it's okay despite the length.
  2. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    I'm watching both season 12 and 13.XD
    Toasted TV decided t air Pokemon finally and started airing season 12 last Thursday. Season 12 apparently going to be on Monday to thurdays every week in Australia. I had been looking forwards to this for almost all year.

    Then to my surprise season 13 is airing on saturday so Australia's trying to premiere on free to air 2 seasons at the same time.=D

    I have already watched the Rotom episode of season 12 on Thursday and the Magnezone and metagross fight episode of season 13 since todays Saturday in Australia.

    This is going to be fun viewing 2 seasons at the same time.XP
  3. MegaCharr
    the shows increable but in Japaninese

    Mod note: removed link.
  4. Kutomba
    It's my policy to wait until the English versions come out for the anime, and then watch THOSE.
  5. MegaCharr
    oh oops:...i gess you dont want to be spoiled huh.my bad then.but i really like that show, its super cool!!!

    (you need to post some rules so someone else dosnt spoil you like i did....sorry for spoiling you like that)
  6. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    Well I notice that is an issue so I have made different sections for those who want to discuss stuff and allow themselves to avoid too many spoilers and see how that goes.

    This section doesn't change of course. We can still talk the same way we were doing before.

    Though yeah if unsure just use a spoiler tag so people can avoid if they don't want to be spoilt. Then others who don't mind being spoilt can click on the spoiler tag to read. Just easier that way.;)

    Also try to avoid posting links to episodes. This forums main rules doesn't allow posting of links to episodes so that's out of my control if the links are removed by mods. Not something I can control.

    Though I can understand the excitement since it's a new season.=P

    Other than that it's great to see your enjoying the show.

    I'm also enjoying the show at the moment. Great fun.^-^

    Anyway I saw the episode "Yes, in dee dee it's dawn" today. Enjoyed it quite alot.=)
  7. MegaCharr
    ok, i see now....and wow i did not know that about the posts that link to shows(time to read the rules agein)thanks for leting me know...its VERY hard for me to watch A Pokemon show because me and my mom dont have cable(cant afford it like everything else) so we cant watch stuff on more then TWO channels, so when i see some thing like that show, i get SUPER EXCITED like you said.....anyways i'll try to be a good teenager more often.
  8. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    I've been still enjoying Pokemon galactic battles.
    Saw classroom training yesterday.=)
    I like candice.

    Anyway I'm thinking of continuing my season 9 boxset that I started a little while ago and kind of got sidetracked from and even afterwards starting up my season 1 set again. I really want to get those other sections I added booted up.

    This group has been pretty dead lately.
  9. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    I'm still watching season 12 and 13. Not much happening otherwise.
    Hoping to get DVD's eventually however whenever they come out.^-^
  10. MegaCharr
    ummm....i like to ask something...i missed on watching the first 2 shows on Pokemon Black & White because i dont have cable or satlite but when i try to find AT LEAST part 1 of epseode 1 of Pokemon Black & White on YouTube by using the surch for videos, all i get is video game guides and blah blah blah...so i ask, what do you type in the surch to find epsode 1 part 1 of Pokemon Black & White.... and no links please!
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