1. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    Talk about the original kanto series here.
  2. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    Just to give this a kick start.
    Is there anything in particular you like in kanto or are you rewatching it or any good memories linked to it ect.

    Fun stuff. Maybe even scenes you like.

    I'll be watching season 1 again once I finish season 9 boxset. I'm still deciding whether I'll watch them in order or watch select favourites.

    I also feel like watching again the episode with the tentacool. I liked how Misty saved the day in that one.
  3. The Power of Pika
    The Power of Pika
    Watching 1st season again. I'm marathoning.=)

    8 episodes watched so far. Favourites are when Ash gets Pikachu, team rocket first entry and brock's gym.=)
    I personally find this a very fun season.
  4. Nour386
    of course you do it was suposed to be part comedy but original fans who GROW-UP will find the humour childish and I said it once I'll say it again:
    [/QUOTEme] the anime I love is in here somewhere, but the creative spark is not, and all the extras just try to cover it up it helps but it just doesn't feel like the charm of the original episodes, *sigh*. [/QUOTE]
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