What got you interested in voice acting?

What got you interested in voice acting?

  1. Charzard03
    What or who got you interested in voice acting?

    I think what got me interested at first was the commentary on the extra's of Pokemon 4ever, it sounded like the actors really enjoyed it and it was nice hearing their views ect.
    Then it was the ouran high school host club bloopers and some things from a couple of anime pannel video's I watched, about their experiences voice acting.

    My biggest inspirations are-
    Veronica Taylor
    Rachael Lillis
    Maddie Blaustein
    Eric Stuart
    Ikue Otani
    Vic Mignogna
    Greg Ayres
    Travis Willingham
    Laura Bailey
    Matthew Woodrow (Dragon-v0942)

    and probably a ton more ^-^

    Im not great at voice acting right now, but im working on it :3 I dont really think im going to persue it as a career as there isnt much demand where I live, but i'd like to do it as a hobby ^-^

    I have a couple of roles in a warriors fanime on youtube and I play backup characters in a few other things :3

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaFu8H6VTmA < I play feathertail in this
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aur1NpGHBJY < and Otterheart 'the lake belongs to river clan' in this one :3

    Im still not too good at it ^-^; But i'll keep trying!

    What about you guys? What got you interesting in voice acting?
  2. Egghatch
    The Pokémon anime.
  3. toodlesdoodles
    I've done a little bit of voice acting for some of my friends videos :)
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